• CCNP Vs CCNA in security

    Hello everyone,          I have passed CCNA in R&S, now i am planning for CCNP, but i think most of people do Cisco certification in R&S and in my opinion there less chances...
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  • ICND 100-105 ACL Topic

      Hi All,   Not sure is there any repeated discussion.   I'm currently preparing for the Cisco R & S ICND 100-105 exam,  now reading through official cert guide 100-105 access list topic. Fo...
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  • DACL downloaded from ISE to cluster switch 2960S not working

      I am configuring an authorization profile for a supplicant   in ISE. Switch  is the authenticator for dot1x. DACL_1 is the ACL configured in ISE for authorizing supplicant. both authec and authz are s...
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  • About Expired Exam

    Hello....everyone!!! My name is Nyan Thit. I want to know about how to deal with expired certificate. I had already got the CCNA , CCNA (Security) , CCNP (R and S) and now I am working at service provider in my countr...
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  • Cisco Router DHCP Failure

    Hi everyone, I have a weird problem with a Cisco router. Here is my simple scenario : I have configured DHCP on the router as following :   ip dhcp excluded-address ip dhcp pool 1 network 1...
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  • CSE Study Guide

    I am new to Cisco's new interface and for some reason cannot find the CSE study guide or whatever it is called now anywhere on this learning portal. Hellp!!!
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  • CISCO Contact Center Express 500-052 certification

    The old CISCO CCX 500-051 Certification has been removed lately and it now replaced by 500-052. Have anybody already gone for this new certification and how was it? Similar to the 500-051 one? I would like to hear y...
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  • CCNA 200-125

    Hello, I have a question about the CCNA 200-125 exam. Actually, it was two weeks that I was preparing myself for this exam, I bought the sample question from Cisco official website , I got the access key for Measur...
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  • Cannot get DHCP IP address through IP helper

    Hi all. In the attached lab I have set up Corp as a DHCP server, and SF as a DHCP relay.   The Corp-PC can get an IP address without any issues, but SF-PC cannot. I can't see any reason why an IP address cannot ...
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  • Hi Friends....

    can someone describe me how to to use Prefix-list, i always get confused in {le ge} statement , when try to use in BGP Its my first post on this cisco portal, please be easy if this stick on wrong learning group&n...
    Deepak Kumar
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  • Please clear the doubts for me.

    1) What is the difference between Layer 2 switch and Layer 3 Switches?   2) I'm always confused on VTP and VPN ?   3) Interface VLAN and SVI ?
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  • problem in exam 300-101 CCNP route

    Dears i feel sorry to failed in the exam today and i dont why as i answered all my question very well and all the laps that i did i couldn't save  the configuration after i did it ( redistribution and policy rou...
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  • CCNA R&S expired

    Hi All,   I just want clarify if I can still take CCNA Collaboration  exams even if my CCNA R&S license already expired?
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  • CCNA R&S Expiration

    Not sure if this is a common question or a dumb one but if you just attempted to take the 200-120 and failed it is it the only way you can retake it is by taking the new exam after August 20th?
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  • Good morning

    Hi I’m interest to take course of CCENT and I want to know if it is possible to be online Training to get it certificate . and if it’s possible please direct me to take it When I opened the CCENT page ...
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  • Renew my CCNP (R & S) certificate

    Hi all;   My CCNP (R & S) certificate is going to expire on August 2016. I want to renew it. If I pass CCNA Security, it is rectify my CCNP (R & S) ? Please reply with suggestion, what are the certificat...
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  • Exam Number

    Hello,   Can anyone please tell me what exams do we need to pass in order to get the "Enterprise Networks Architecture Field Engineer" title.   Job Role Qualification Description Name Field Engineer 1 ...
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  • Recertification CCNP

    Hello everyone ! I have some query on re-certification process. I am holding CCNP (R&S). To extend my R&S cert, Can I take any CCNP exams (Security, Wireless, Datacenter) without CCNA as prerequisite for thos...
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  • Can I take a CCNP with an expired CCNA license?

    Hi All,   I just wanna clarify if I can still take CCNP exams even if my CCNA license already expired?     Thanks, Clifford
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  • CCNA Recert

    Trying to determine if this class qualifies to re certify my CCNA. 640-792 TPTECH Supporting Cisco TelePresence System Devices (TPTECH)
    Tony Gallucci
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