• Exam (200-125 CCNA)

    Hello to everybody,   I have a quick question:   I have got 2 vouchers to take Cisco exam 100-105 ICND1 and 200-105 ICND2 (They will expire in 1 month).   Should be possible to perform a single exam ...
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  • New CCNP Certification on Feb 2020

    Hello Cisco Community,   I would like to get your thoughts about what would be the next step after getting the CCNA R&S. What would be the best path under the new CCNP certification if I focus on Cloud and V...
    Jorge Navarrete
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  • Where can i complain about the CCNP exam evaluation -- Simos 300 - 209

    Can somebody tell me where I can register a complaint about the CCNP exams 300-209 that I took on 13 August 2018? I have taken the given exam a second time and experienced the same problem -- Non-responsive simulation...
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  • Network problem

    Hi all,   Anybody able to help me out with this one please?
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  • Update of 600-210 SPUMTS & 600-212 SPLTE

    Dear Certification/Learning team,   Above mentioned exam topics have been prepared in 2013. Both technologies evolved since that time - something new appeared, something old almost disappeared. 1. Are there an...
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  • How to recertify CCNA R&S

    Hi . I want to re-certify my CCNA routing and switching certificate. Can I take any associate level exam to re certify?
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  • CCNP TShoot command allowed in exam

    I think this question will have am standard response ... NDA not permit ... bla bla bla, but are some restriction in use standard commands available in Cisco IOS? In particular i am interested to find if command:trac...
    Paul - Adrian
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  • i have question that related with Cisco academy

    i have finish for example CCNA Routing and switching on Cisco Networking Academy and they mark my as i done it also i got another certificate that related with CCNA  because i did high performance on my exam , ...
  • About the exam[500-301]

    Anyone pass this exam  Cisco Cloud Collaboration Solutions Exam 500-301 ? I have no experience,I want to know if I can just watch the online video materials in the salesconnect  https://ondemandelearning.ci...
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  • New to networking

    I have a limited knowledge of networking and have decided to get a CCNA certification. I am in the data center field and Im not sure what CCNA certification I should start with. CCNA Data Center, CCNA Routing and Swit...
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  • Do I start with CCNA Routing  & Switching or start with CCNA Cloud?

    Hi to everyone!   Please do the CCNA Routing  & Switching Certification still exists on CISCO Associate level certifications?   I started my CCNA Routing  & Switching course in 2008 but d...
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  • CCNP Collaboration practise questions

    anyone has come across some good official practise material for the exams ?
    Stephen Vella
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  • Where can i do online complain about CCNP exam

    Can you please tell me where can I do online complain about during exam my PC was hanged and not working, when I have been gotten other PC , I lost configuration which I have done.
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  • How to prepare CCNA Security exam

    I planned to take CCNA Security exam as soon. Please kindly give some suggestion on how to prepare CCNA Security exam.   thanks, kimhuy
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  • Recertification time has slipped up on me. What are your suggestions for the easiest professional exam to take to recertify?

    I normally try to study for an exam in an area that I have experience and am interested in, but this recertification has slipped up on me, and I need to take something that isn't so difficult it will take months and m...
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  • CCNA Voice to CCNA Collaboration

    I have had a CCNA voice for 7 years now and I have had  it renewed via other certs that I completed over time, Is it still possible to transition my CCNA Voice to CCNA collaboration since I never had a lapse in c...
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  • CCNA R & S expiration

    Hi I am planning to seat for CCNP R & S , I pass CCNA r & S in 2013 , ccna security in 2014, CCNA voice 2015, ccie collaboration written in 2016. Do i still need to recertify CCNA r & S ?
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  • How to get the exam result on the screen after exam?

    Hi Guys I was wondering how could I get the exam result on my screen after finishing the exam as far as I remember there is two options once you end the exam questions:   1- End Exam 2- Take tutorial or conti...
    Mohamed Saad
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  • CCNA Recertification

    Hello,   This is urgent please.   My CCNA R&S is expiring on April 19th, Can I take my CCNP on April 18 or April 19th or there is some time frame before Cisco can process it. Please advise.   Thank ...
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  • ICND or CCNA

    Hi guys, pls help me i just want to get ccna, but i am new to network field. should i start icnd 1 +icnd2 or directly go with ccna ?   regards,
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