• can i upgrade a ws-c3550 -24- smi to ios 15

    hi i have a WS-C3550-24-smi with ios version 12.1. i was given this switche so can used for my ccna lab can anyone help me otr how to check the version of ios that have 
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  • Not possible to access some website through cisco WIFI controller 2504

    Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well!!   Im facing some different kind of issue in my office WiFi network. we cant access some of our office website through our WiFi, at the same time we use mobile hotspot we ...
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  • CCNA R&S New Syllabus

    Hi every-one I wants to get CCNA R&S, would you suggest me what is the best way of preparation ?
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  • I chacked the discussion.I noted important reminder.I don't post Cisco Certification Exam questions or answers so you can believe me.

    Dear Cisco,                      Thanks you very much for ALL.
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  • IP Addressing

    Please i came across this question while watching a video tutorial: Find the network id and broadcast id of The answer they gave was: Network id: (i understood this one) Broadcast i...
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  • CCNA In India ??

    Can anyone tell me authorized Cisco learning center available in India (Pune, Maharashtra) for certification purpose with good practice labs.
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  • Recertification

    My CCNA R & S certification expired since 14/09/2016, however I am CCNA Intructor certified. Should I recertify again or not? If so how? Thank you
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  • what application to use for ccna

    what application to use for ccna
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  • packet forwarding between vlans on 1 switch

    hi all, i have one question here that bothers me. the scenario is like this, one access switch with two access port, port1-vlan10 for pc1 and port2-vlan20 for pc2 respectively. the gateway is on the uplink distribu...
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  • Switch connected to another switch

    Hi Team (Done using packet tracer)--please confirm if this is OK I have connected Switch A (interface f0/0) to Switch B(interface f0/1)    When i do 'show mac-address-table' on Switch A, i see mac-addres...
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  • Regarding the end to end communication via OSI layer

    Let's say we have PC A and PC B PC A initiates a Telnet session to PC B At which layer of the OSI model, will the port number 23 be added as source port and destination port ? 1.Will it be at the Transport layer ?
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  • GNS3

    If you create an alias in Base Configuration file (ios_base_startup-config.txt) for any routers IOS file. Those alias apply for root commands only. How do we create alias for commands in Configuration mode.?
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  • Stub

    EIGRP stub static/connected   What does this command exactly mean?   Does this mean it redistributes static/connected routes only or means it redistributes static/connected routes too along with other routes?
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  • Is there anyone who would like to learn with me for CCNA?

    Hi friends I am Dinesh wanna start my journey in NETWORKING with someone like you please guide me about the exam preps. I also wanna share that I wanna build my career as cyber security specialist. Here is my plan CCN...
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  • CCNA enquiry

    Hi , I am new in networking. i am planning to write CCNA Routing and switching. i will plan to buy Cisco Network Learning Lab package . please tell anyone its useful for exam? i have practiced only in cisco packet tra...
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