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New to Networking

Are you new to Networking?

Interested in learning more but don’t know where to start? If so, you have found the right place to begin learning about a career in IT networking and the Cisco certification and training programs.

The IT networking industry continues to demand knowledgeable professionals to help manage, secure and optimize their network infrastructure. Networking jobs can be found worldwide in exciting industries such as fashion, sports, and entertainment. To maintain a competitive advantage employers seek to hire those with validated skills and knowledge. In fact, research indicates that a certification is second only to a four year college degree as a way to qualify people for positions and certifications were rated to be the top criteria in being able to determine if applicant can actually perform job tasks.

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Manage the Human Network.
Learn More.

The Cisco Learning Network offers various resources and tools to help you get started.


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Is IT For YOU?
You may already have the abilities required for an outstanding job in IT networking. Take the Is IT for You Challenge to assess your skills and gain insight as to what is required for a successful career.

Networking Salary Boom
Starting salaries are on the rise as the demand for networking skills continues.

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High Demand for IT Networking Professionals
Learn why pursuing an IT networking career is a smart move.

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View the Possibilities

The Cisco Learning Network Job Portal lists thousands of IT job opportunities. Take a look at who's hiring,
where and how much they're paying.

There are various authorized Cisco IT networking training options available to help develop knowledge and skills.

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Prepare for a Cisco certification exam with the following tools and resources.

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