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We all know that Cisco technologies and solutions are deployed worldwide to provide services and to solve problems. In this series we are going to highlight some unique and exciting examples of these solutions deployed in the field. Join us for this fun and informative series: "Can't Wait to Get to Work: Exciting Jobs Using Cisco Technologies to Make a Difference."


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Cisco Tactical Operations (Tacops)Hide Titles

Cisco Tactical Operations - Session 1Session 1:
What They Do and How They Make a Difference

Introduction to Cisco Tactical Operations assisting first responders in emergency situations establish communications.

Watch Now Requires Login
Cisco Tactical Operations - Session 2Session 2:
Tacops Certification Requirements and DIRT

Project Manager, Tiago Silva, describes the importance of Cisco Certifications for Tacops members and the volunteer DIRT team.
08:07Watch Now Requires Login

Cisco Testing LabsHide Titles

Cisco Testing LabsTake a tour of the Cisco Testing Labs in San Jose, CA with program director Tom Tinor. Find out how Tom's team tests solutions pre-deployment for some of the world's largest customers.11:30Watch Now Requires Login

Cisco Advanced ServicesHide Titles

Cisco Advanced ServicesA robust IT infrastructure is a requirement for today’s corporations in an always-on world.13:32Watch Now Requires Login

Cisco Data Center TechnologiesHide Titles

Cisco Data Center TechnologiesWith the explosion in social networking and Web 2.0 technologies, Cisco data center technologies are needed more than ever to handle the increase in storage needs in an efficient manner.17:04Watch Now Requires Login



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