• Where should i start my certification journey ?

    Hi,   I'm Faisal. 28.   My goal is CCIE.   But, My problem is I don't have any degree. I don't have any experience. I did Intermidiate In Commerce (I.COM) (12TH). I did some short courses in Networki...
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  • How to prepare for CCIE DC Lab Exam?

    I am preparing for CCIE DC lab. Can any one please help me out.
    Amit Roy
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  • Certification

    What is the right choice for another Cert after CCNA to grab the good opportunity? CCNP/AWS/MCSAI need a career advice. Enroll in CCNP Without Real-time experience is a fruitful choice?
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  • Problems with bridge group over two HWIC

    Hi Everyone! i´ve create a bridge group in order to bind the current native L3 interface with two HWIC-4ESW in a router 2921. It is working with the native interface and the first HWIC card, but for unknow rea...
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  • Truls Hjelle:  CCIE at Age 64

      Truls Hjelle got his CCIE at almost 64 years of age, but 41 years ago he first became interested in networking while working on one of the first data communication networks in Norway. He imagined being a mathem...
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  • Where can I find employment/career opportunities for entry-level security analysts?

    Any specific resources or job openings you know of? I'm getting my CCNA Cyber Ops very soon and would like to start a career in this field. I work with a couple of IT staffing agencies and have some presence in onl...
    Alex D
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  • Weekend work

    Hi all,   Is it possible to find weekend work as a network engineer, perhaps carrying out project work?   I currently work as a network engineer managing a network for a large building, but I would like t...
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  • Sales

    Hello All, Firstly, sorry if this question has been asked already but I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how someone who has been technical for over 8 years could get into a sales position and also, what...
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  • To CCIE DC or to not CCIE DC

    <Message Removed by author>
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  • software engineer Vs network engineer career

    hi all,   Is it true that a software engineer enjoys more perks and incentives, flexibility, financial security, quick career progression and more opportunities Vs network engineer who has few and rare good cha...
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  • Points

    Hi all   can someone please tell me about the point system, and how do you earn points and what are the points for
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  • Disappointed with Pearsonvue treatment

    Hello All,     This is my first time posting a complaint ever but I have gotten this frustrated. I have two examples in which Pearonvue totally took my money. Last year I scheduled the CCNP switch exam to ...
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  • Cisco CCNA Complaint about Exam Partner Pearson Vue. VERY VERY BAD SERVICE

    To: Cisco Systems Customer Care if there is one,   I am writing this letter here as I do not know who to talk to or loge a complaint with about Pearson Vue and Cisco.   CISCO, I hope you see this message a...
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        Hello Cisco Community,   I have a question. Can we run two routing protocols in DMVPN cloud. i.e some devices with  OSPF and some devices with RIP. Our development team test some devices with...
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  • If I'm using Server on Packet do I still need to use VM Maestro

    If I'm using Server on Packet do I still need to use VM Maestro
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  • Cisco Association

      Hi ,   Need some help regarding Cisco Certification association to companies.   I have paid for all my Cisco certifications.   My current company is trying to force us to associate our...
    Theodore April
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  • Is Java a good language to learn for a network engineer, or should I learn Python?

    Actually I like Java code style more since it looks very similar to C#, which I used to work with when I was in university. But It seems that Python is much more popular in networking. What language is actually better...
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  • Passing Score

    Hello, I'm about to take my ICND1 exam.  Pass or Fail, Will I know my score after the exam?
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  • OSPF and Loopback interface

    I have 2 loopback interfaces configured on a router. None of the 2 comes up as the router ID for OSPF. Instead the highest IP address on the physical interface becomes the router ID. I have reloaded the router and eve...
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  • Is CCIE certification still worth it?

    Hello Everyone,   Currently I have CCNP & CCDP certifications which will expire in few months. I don't want them to expire so i am just wondering if i should go for CCIE exam or something else? Is CCIE still...
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