• My goal is to do CCIE. But, confused!

    Hi,   How're you all ?   I have completed my CCNA R&S, CCNA Cyber Security training and currently doing CCNP R&S training and will be complete soon. My goal is to do CCIE . But, i m confused right ...
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  • Virl virtual machine got damaged. Can I re-install using the same licence?

    Hello there. I recently subscribed for cisco virl but unfortunately after the installation and some few simulations the virtual machine got damaged I tried troubleshooting but got no where. Can I re-install and use m...
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  • BSc Degree Suggestions urgently requested

    Hello,   I have recently completed by schooling and now I am ready to start by Bachelors however I need suggestions with the following questions:   Q1: Which degree should I pursue? Is BSc Computer Network...
    Waleed Dilawar Chughtai
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  • How long it takes to pass CCNA?

    Someone in this site is writing that CCNA is heard to pass & it may take 2 years time. Here is one Chris Miller who is saying about his frustrations & Ishud i  beleive him? 1)https://learningnetwork.cis...
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  • Re-certification Query

    Hi There,   I have current certifications for CCNA R&S, CCNA Security & CCNA Wireless which are set to expire on December 30, 2019. I need to re-certify before this date. Please let me know whether passin...
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  • Truls Hjelle:  CCIE at Age 64

      Truls Hjelle got his CCIE at almost 64 years of age, but 41 years ago he first became interested in networking while working on one of the first data communication networks in Norway. He imagined being a mathem...
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  • Cisco customer success manager specialist certification

    I am from Delhi, India and want to undertake this course..Please guide. Unable to locate any Cisco authorized institute giving training on this course of if any online option too available ?   This certification...
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  • Cisco Meraki Access point Trunk port to cisco L3 switch help

    hi guys   Need help with cisco meraki access point setup please. We have servers and clients Vlan in two different vlans example Servers on Vlan 400 and Clients on vlan 100, Staff vlan 200. now we got meraki acc...
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  • Recommendations for preparing for the CCNA R&S and CCNA Cloud

    Hello,   A little background about me and what I am hoping to accomplish.  I currently work as a Manager of Network Services for a large ISP but due to labor reductions I am going to be out of a job in six ...
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  • CCNA: Chef 2 Tech! A Career Changer Spotlight (Podcast)

    CCNA:Career Changer Spotlight Chef 2 Tech! Find out how one chef made a detour on the information super highway, and went from cooking in a hot kitchen, to becoming a CCNA and working in the hottest career around!&...
  • Newbie on CCNA (voice) study

    Hello Everyone!   I am interested to study CCNA(voice) but I don't get how to start it for certification.Which is good to start.I have experiences on cisco IP PBX with following device ISR2800,ISR4321 and CUCM ...
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  • Online Resources and Strategies for Cisco Certification Exam Preparation

      Preparing for a Cisco certification exam is a big step toward achieving your goals. It requires time and commitment, but the rewards are worth it. That's because certification enables you to advance your caree...
    Nicole Pfeiffer
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  • Where should i start my certification journey ?

    Hi,   I'm Faisal. 28.   My goal is CCIE.   But, My problem is I don't have any degree. I don't have any experience. I did Intermidiate In Commerce (I.COM) (12TH). I did some short courses in Networki...
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  • How to prepare for CCIE DC Lab Exam?

    I am preparing for CCIE DC lab. Can any one please help me out.
    Amit Roy
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  • Certification

    What is the right choice for another Cert after CCNA to grab the good opportunity? CCNP/AWS/MCSAI need a career advice. Enroll in CCNP Without Real-time experience is a fruitful choice?
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  • Problems with bridge group over two HWIC

    Hi Everyone! i´ve create a bridge group in order to bind the current native L3 interface with two HWIC-4ESW in a router 2921. It is working with the native interface and the first HWIC card, but for unknow rea...
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  • Where can I find employment/career opportunities for entry-level security analysts?

    Any specific resources or job openings you know of? I'm getting my CCNA Cyber Ops very soon and would like to start a career in this field. I work with a couple of IT staffing agencies and have some presence in onl...
    Alex D
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  • Weekend work

    Hi all,   Is it possible to find weekend work as a network engineer, perhaps carrying out project work?   I currently work as a network engineer managing a network for a large building, but I would like t...
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  • Sales

    Hello All, Firstly, sorry if this question has been asked already but I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to how someone who has been technical for over 8 years could get into a sales position and also, what...
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  • To CCIE DC or to not CCIE DC

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