• Backgrounds - Manage the Human Network

    Andrew: Cisco Team
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  • CCENT or CCNA for entry-level networking position

    I am working on my Cisco CCNA in the hope of a career change into IT, and possibly cybersecurity down the road. I have no experience in IT yet. Currently, I am taking the Cisco networking academy for both the ICND 1 a...
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  • Cisco Learning Network and Cisco Netacad

    Hello all.. my name is Muh Fachrul Razy from Indonesia.. I would like to ask about the difference between Cisco Learning Network and Cisco Netacad or related products, because in my campus we have Cisco Netacad, and ...
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  • ccns v6

    Hello   please I want to know form where I can get the certified book of the latest version or PDF but preferred book hardcopy
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  • Difference between CCNA 640-802 and CCNA 200-125

    Hi All,   I am currently on self-studying for CCNA Routing and Switch Exam slated in April 2017. I have being studying with a book on CCNA 640-802. The book is actually a study guide. I never new that the curren...
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  • Cisco Cybersecurity Scholarship

    Hi All, Does anyone receive update on the Cisco Cyber security Scholarship program. The last email I received was in early September that stated that my result and others are being reviewed and that Cisco will contac...
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    How can i achieve load balancing on two dual links so that i avoid having a redundant link that does not have traffic going through it?
    Juna Joshua
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  • What is the expiration date on a past exam?

    What is the expiration date for an exam that I passed?  Is the expiration date the same for all exams, or do different exams have different expiration dates? Is there a link on the Cisco web site that an...
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  • INIMS vs INIMS2 for CCNA industrial certification, what are the topics and differences

    Good day,   It seems there is a lot of info about INIMS2, however it states that you need INIMS or CCENT certification before taking it. Im not etirely sure what does it mean by that. the exam 200-401 what are ...
    Fabian Mogro
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  • كروب مناقشة امتحانات و التحضير لها

    سلام عليكم نبدا موضوع و اسلوب جديد لمناقشة التحضير للامتحانات الاستعداد لها !
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  • بارك الله فيك

    بارك الله فيك استاذ عمار دائما تبهرنا بالجديد
    itim nacereddine
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  • About learning

    dweaver2009Jeffcortez1422jaysingh07 hi , I am new here. i want to learn cisco networking. Plz suggest your ideas for me , how i go in first step
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  • What is the best way to learn scripting for Cisco IOS ?

    Hi Guys,   I am crossing over to Cisco and I would  like to know the best method to learning scripting language for CISCO IOS. Also, what language is better base on experience to learn ? Tcl or Python (or ...
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    I know that CCNA Voice will be retired, but I´m still studing cause I want to take my Certification in 01/08 I´m facing serious problem to use VMware, Cisco Ip Phone and GNS3, can someone help with a basi...
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  • please how can I disable the notifications

    please how can I desable the notification on my cisco account  all the day I receive up to 500 notifications on my mail box
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  • Riyadh Saudi Arabia

    Hi Guys,   anyone from Riyadh Saudi Arabia?
    Shehzad Khan
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  • The Main Difference Between CCNA Security and CEH ?

    ive accomplished the following CCNA R&S CCDA CCNP ROUTE CCNP SWITCH     ALWAYS WAS fascinated about network security and VOIP wanted to start ccna voice but people recommended to do security as net...
    Kirolos Mikhail
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  • CCNP SP ?

    Hi, I have my CCNP R&S and i work with an ISP, which implements Metro Ethernet, EVPN etc for large enterprises. I do find the CCNP SP exams as my next port of certification as it relates to what i'm involved with ...
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  • Cisco asa 5505 reliability

    Hi,   I would like to ask if there is any official source from cisco regarding the reliability of ASA devices. Specifically I am interested in ASA 5505. In other words I am asking what is the probability that ASA...
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  • VG202

    Hi All I am trying to setup a VG-202 that has auto registered with the CUCM.  IP address is from DHCP. Outbound and inbound voice calls are o.k Outbound and Inbound fax calls doesn't work.  I hear a short ...
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