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Contact Us


If you encounter a technical issue or have feedback on the site, please open a support case: Certification Online Support


(NOTE: To access the Certification Online Support application, you will asked to create a separate login Username and Password).


When you open a case, please be sure to Include:

      • Your Cisco Learning Network UserId
      • The type of browser you are using and the version

      • Your Phone number

      • Description of the issue you encountered with a screen shot or the steps you followed that led to the issue.


Please allow 48 hours for a response.


For REGISTRATION or LOGIN issues only, you can call a Customer Support Agent for assistance Monday through Friday at:


1-800-553-6387 (US/Canada) or 1 (408) 526-4000 (International)


Access the list of our GLOBAL SUPPORT NUMBERS.


Acceptable Use Agreement


Refer to the ACCEPTABLE USE AGREEMENT (AUA) / POSTING GUIDELINES QUICK REFERENCE for information on the terms you must agree to in order to use the Cisco Learning Network. Please read this information carefully, especially regarding our policies against posting Cisco Certification Exam questions or answers, Cisco Certification Exam scores, and advertising of products and services (except where specifically preauthorized)and policies that discourage your sharing your private or proprietary information including email address or confidential personal or company information to protect your privacy and to help prevent phishing and spamming of members of the community.