• 1 Subnet 2 Gateways PBR

    Hi,   Its the first time I post here so not sure if this is the right place. I have 2 L3 switches configured in HSRP. 1 of them has a link to a firewall. My goal is this: VL50 Local 1 traffic ( ....
    created by Stef
  • How to make VIRL connect outside ?

    HI, Since a couple I am desperately trying to import the VIRL 1.5.145 image into VMware Workstation 15 Pro. The import seem to happen OK but once launched the VM won't even ping its own gateway. I am running a i7 8-c...
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  • NAT Overload problem on a 2951 router

    I have been trying to solve this 3 nights in a row and still can't figure out. When I ran a debug I got something like this :   "ipnat api , outtranslated address and port common, out->in want IL,OL"   ...
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  • PPPoA simulation with GNS3

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate 2 routers, one acting as a client, another as server to simulate a PPPoA adsl connection, with GNS3 (version 2.1.12, vm version 0.10.14) I'm running 2 routers with c7200-adventerprisek9-...
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  • Tips for starting the CCNP R&S study

    Hello Colleagues, I recently got my CCNA R&S off a 6 months course with a Cisco accademy...now i would like to start studying for the next cert, the CCNP R&S starting off with the ROUTE exam!   I'm conc...
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  • L3 interface with encapsulation dot1q

    Hello everyone,   I have a question regarding the following configuration : interface Ethernet1/54.4   description IPN-POD2   mtu 9150   encapsulation dot1q 4   medium p2p   vrf me...
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  • Passive interface confusion

    So I have my home network set up like this. Not the best but hey. My scenario is as such. I have SecureCRT set up on my Lab PC in the 172.16.3.x network. I have a session for my 3 routers Core (via, P2R1 (10...
    Deshawn F.
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  • CCNP Switch - sim

    Where a can find how many Simulator we have to do in CCNP Switch exam. And normal question.   Thanks in advance
    created by Tony
  • Question about a Feasible Successor logic.

    Hello guys,        I would like to understand how come is it possible that according to the above diagram Router-B might be considered as a Feasible Successor (FS) for route if hi...
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  • OSPFv3 area mismatch

    Hi,   I'm creating a very simple topology - see picture.   The entire network is IPv6 and I'm running OSPFv3. R1 is Area 0, R3 is area 34. R4 is the ASBR between the two AS's.   before configuring OS...
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  • Pass CCNP R&S exams with expired CCNA R&S certificate

    Hello,   If I pass CCNP R&S exams with expired CCNA R&S certificate then I pass the 200-125 CCNA exam, do I need to retake the CCNP R&S exams again to be CCNP certified? Best regards.
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  • CCNP Prerequisite

    Hello All,   If I go for CCNP R&S-ICND-1 exam and pass it, Am I eligible to give CCNP exam on the basis of ICND-1?
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  • Cisco re-certification

    Hi all,   My CCNP certification is about to expire on 25th September. Yesterday, I took my CCNP Switching exam, but since I haven't been practicing switching at my work place and with my minimal preparation, I d...
    Vignesh Ekanathan
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  • Cisco port channel with mellanox MLAG interface ospf configuration

    Hi, I have two MLNX switches in MLAG configuration and one interface from each MLNX switches is connected to cisco L3 switch in mlag-port channel with two ten gig ports in trunk. My question is how to configure ospf c...
    created by master
  • hosts on different trunks unable to communicate with each other

    I can communicate with both hosts from a management workstation on vlan 1, but the host cannot communicate with each other. Can you help me figure out what I have done wrong? These are my two hosts (ESXi1 and ESXi2), ...
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  • Help needed

    Hi good people of the Cisco network.   I'm after some ideas on how best way forward to configure the attached diagram. We have several customer tenancies which need to be kept separate. Currently we have a massi...
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  • Multiple network merge

    Hi everyone, i'm thinking ages about this thing and I can't reach an answer by myself, so here I am!   Usually we have a unique connection with our provider, and that is all what we need. But, if we want to merge...
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  • BGP - Routing loops with MED!

    Hi,   I've read below statement in one of online e-book.  Can you let me know, how does routing loop happen, if you don't disable this option on entire AS? I couldn't understand what's the relation.  ...
    last modified by Ram
  • DHCPv6

    Hi all,   I have 2 questions to clarify   1. What is the difference between helper-address & relay destination in DHCP?       is that protocol base difference?   &n...
  • No received CCNP Printed Kit and the Ordered Printed Kit

    Hi! Just completed by CCNP last Sep 2016. However, I wasnt able to receive any printed kits. Thinking that it may be lost in transit, I ordered and paid for another printed kit which I did not receive as well. Please ...
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