• Queries about CCNA accreditation

    What accreditation points do you gain from completing one of these qualifications? For CV's, UCAS applications etc.   I currently live in Scotland.
    created by Lewis
  • I've heard its retiring?

    Hi there,   I seen a thread earlier that said that the CyberOps course would be retiring?   I'm considering taking this course, studying it and sitting the exam - would this all be rendered for nothing if ...
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  • 210-255 -  RFC! Protocol analysis and HTTP fields...

    I recently failed the 210-255 by 25 points. I was thrown by several topic areas which weren't covered in any depth in the OCG. Namely the following, if anyone has any learning resources or suggestions I'd be grateful ...
    created by David
  • 210-250 Exam thoughts

    I've just passed the 210-250 with a low 58% in monitoring systems, 75~% in network security, but 100% in network concepts, attack types and the other (can't recall!) topic.   Wanted to share my learning process ...
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  • Mobile help?

    ive read that it’s possible to do Ccna courses on mobile. I downloaded jive app and entered all the correct informative. However every time I click logon, it says I have an invalid username or password
    created by Jacob
  • Cisco Security Infographic

    조직은높은유연성, 확장범위및경쟁력을추구하며디지털로이동하고있습니다. 디지털조직은미션크리티컬한디지털리소스를만들어정보, 애플리케이션, 자동화및시스템을활용합니다. 그러나, 이러한디지털리소스만으로는점점증가하는다양한보안위험에직면하게됩니다. 보안침해로인한잠재적손해는날마다증가하고있습니다. 과거어느때보다보안이중요하므로, 사이버보안전문가의수요는빠른속도로증가하고있습니다. 채용담당자는보안지식을확장하고새로운기...
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  • Cohort 5 - SECOPS Exam Passed - CCNA Cyber Ops completed

    I finally passed SECOPS and completed my CCNA Cyber Ops certification on 2 months of studying! This course it's amazing and I hope see soon a CCNP Cyber Ops with reverse engineering with malware analysis and the amaz...
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  • CyberOPS Exams Composition

    I would like to ask how both Cyber Ops exams are composed: i know there will be some questions (in many forms) but there will be also some labs?
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  • Is CCNA Cyber Ops certification only about theoretical/theory item?

    I mean, does it have pratical labs?   Do you need to install any software on your computer?
    Jose Jose Figueredo
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