• Learning how to troubleshooting routing issues

    Hello, I'm trying to improve my routing troubleshooting skills but really don't know where to begin. What is the best way to really learning how to troubleshoot routing issues in a large network? I'd like to start wit...
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  • Default gateway

    Hi Everyone,   I connected two PCs through Lan cable residing in two different networks i.e. and without default gateway , they were not able to ping each other ...
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  • Ping command

    Hi Everyone,     Would you please explain me, when we ping a network what procedure a computer follows, at that time what is the first  step a computer will take, is it ARP or something else, ?   ...
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    I just passed my CCENT exam. What do I need to do next to get my certificate so I can hand that in to HR.
    Joel Quinton Ockenga
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  • Admin distance - BGP and static routing

    In the network above, I'm running iBGP. The admin distance of iBGP is 200 and a directly connected interface has an admin distance of 0. In R2, it's learning the lp0 IP of R01 ( via BGP. All good so far. &...
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  • Follow the packet:  SVIs, trunking and routing.

    Hello,   I'm pretty new to networking and have a question that involves SVIs, trunking and routing. Here's the scenario:   I have a layer 2 switch with routing enabled, so minimal routing functionality. I ...
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  • Hi,i have cisco asa 5506-x and want 2 subnets on 1 interface without vlan

    Hi all,i have cisco asa 5506-x,i providing dhcp via my bridge interface( network.....but i have statically assigned ip address on network in that  devices...before my asa they could ...
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  • how to change my name in person vue cisco

    sorry, how to change my name in person vue cisco mistakenly wrote Cristian Patricio armijo instead of Cristian Patricio Armijo Vaca, try to consult the support but he tells me that I have to update in netacad and that...
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  • Am i missing somethign with Router on a stick or did todd cheap out

    So i'm reading the CCENT book by Todd Lammel and i following the labs to make vlans, trunk them and then make router on a stick. i get to the ROS part and he seems to cheap out and just say what to do instead of show ...
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  • CCENT Lab & Additional Learning Resources

    Hello,   I am currently reading Todd Lammle's CCENT study guide and finding it extremely informative and not a boring read.   However, I am aware that just reading the book probably isn't enough. I am look...
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  • Bought physical copy of the book, can I get access to a PDF version too?

    Hi,   I've bought the physical version of CCENT Study Guide: Exam 100-105 (ICND1) 2016 edition as I plan on taking the exam in a few months.   Sometimes In work, I get free time and I will be able to study...
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  • Can anyone please help me, I had passed my CCENT exam in February and  it's status is shown as mailed in the tracking system, but it's been more than 11 weeks. What should I do?

    I need some help
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  • SSH in Packet Tracer ( data encrypted or not)

    I am confused ! encrypt ssh only the name and the password? In my assumption, the data is also ancrypted with the use of ssh. In PT I installed a sniffer between the interface of the router and the PC1. If I logon t...
    Tom Kuipers
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  • setting up home lab

    Hi, I've just started studying towards my CCNA and purchased a home lab from eBay consisting of x2 2611 routers and x2 2950 switches. What's the best lab topology for me to set up? How can I access all devices at onc...
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  • CCENT book

    I am not able to use the software that came with the book.  What can be done about this?
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  • CCENT and CCT (What makes a job applicant more viable)

    Hi Everyone.    I just passed my CCENT and CCT certification exams. I have no experience yet. Is there anything that would make me a more viable candidate. Is there any class that would make me a more quali...
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  • How do I change my CISCO ID in Pearson VUE to use my voucher for CCENT?

    I have alredy created my account in Pearson VUE before I get my discount voucher, now that I have my voucher, the Cisco ID is different.   How do I change the CISCO ID?   Do I have to create another account?
    Alejandro Lopez
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  • IOS commands resource & HELP!

    Hi   I am really finding it hard to remember IOS commands because I am mixing them up. Most of them are so much similar with every command has variations. How can I remember those commands and also please give m...
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  • which ccent and am I too old?

    Hi   I am now preparing for ccent r/s but there are other ccent as well so which ccent in better to do first   Secondly I am 33 so am I too old to start networking career?  I am doing also my advanced...
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  • default route configuration

    Hi   I see in example conf t ip route xxxx xxxx ip route xxxx xxxx end   Where is the interface being configured for the routes?  I didn't see in example So can I do this   conf t int se...
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