• ARCH exam + CCNP

    Hi, would like to know if by having a valid CCNP cert and passing the ARCH exam before Feb23 2020 would still count towards CCDP cert even without having the CCDA cert,   Thanks,
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  • CCDP clarification needed

    Hi guys,   I have a valid CCNP R/S certification (just re-certified with TSHOOT). I took the ROUTE and SWITCH exams more than 3 years ago so I understand that the exams are expired but my CCNP R/S is active. &nb...
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  • PIM BSR Design

    I'm trying to setup  a design where I have 6 routers - 2 BSR Candidates, 4 RP-Candidates and 2 leafs. 2 routers (R3 and R4) are configured with the ip pim bsr-candidate loopback100 command and the ip pim rp-candi...
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  • CCDP recertification by completing 300-465 CLDDES

    Hi All,   I wish to recertify my CCDP recertification by completing 300-465 CLDDES. Whether this will allow me recertify my current certificate. As it also starts with 300. Do I also need to complete CCNA Cloud...
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  • CCDP certification path if you already have your CCNP route switch.

    If I have my CCNP how many exams do I need to take to acquire my CCDP. I thought it was just the ARCH 300-320 cert base on the output below ?   Exams & Recommended TrainingRequired Exam(s) Recommended Trainin...
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  • when and where to use EIGRP? which kind of company use it?

    when and where to use EIGRP? which kind of company use it? is there a diagram to show it use EIGRP for its load balancing and also used with OSPF or just layer 2 to layer 3 network?
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  • Pearsonvue testing issue

    Hi, Just want to check if anyone has an issue with Pearsonvue in taking Cisco Certification exam. I've booked for CCDP ARCH and it was cancelled twice already because of an issue in Pearsonvue online testing system. ...
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  • 300-320 ARCH

    What is the passing score for the CCDP 300-320 ARCH certification ?
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  • ccdp prereq

    hi if  i already have CCNP certification, in orde to get CCDP , do i need to pass ARCH only, or also CCDA ?   thanks
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  • CCDP

    I am about to take my CCNP tshoot exam and am also considering certifying in the design section. I looked it up and saw that it has the switch and route included. Since I have these two already can I go straight and t...
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  • ccda or arch

    Hi Everyone,   I have valid ccnp which will expires soon , i want to get ccdp so i need to take 2 more additional  exams (ccda and arch) my question is which certifications will be renewed if i took arch ex...
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  • Did CCNP in 2011 Its valid until 2017 August,Looking to do CCDP

    Hi Guys I did CCNP back in 2011 with Old (Route and switch exam) can i be CCDP if i pass ARCH exam ?   Thanks
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