• CCDA prerequisites

    Hello I have passed two exams of CCNA DC 200-150 & 200-155 in addition to Cisco Business Architecture Analyst. I need to take CCDA exam. Is it applicable to me or not?   Thanks in advance Muhammad Al-Haddad
    muhammad Al-Haddad
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  • CCDA Failed,but cert tracking shows in progress

    I attempted CCDA before other certs about to expire and failed the exam,now cert tracking shows that CCDA cert is in progess after all my other certs are expired.is failed CCDA can be taken as a pre requirement?
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  • certif sans partenaire

    bonjour,   est qu'on peut avoir le support de la formation pour certification sans passe par un partenaire cisco ?   cordialement.
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  • Thank You Cisco and Good bye

    13th of March 2018 is the official day my Cisco accreditation expires so to prevent that from happening I thought it would be in my interest to do the CCDA 200-310 exam. I am experienced Senior Cyber Engineer employed...
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  • CCDA 200-310 Cert Guide Chapter 2 - Q&A #60 not explained

    I've found this question in the official 200-310 cert guide a bit confusing. The question is as follows: "Based on Figure 2-22 , and assuming that devices may be in more than one layer, list which devices are in each...
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  • CCDA 200-310 question types

    I was looking over the exam question types on Cisco's cert page and notice that they always list the same question types for every exam (multiple choice, drag n drop, simulation, etc.).  I would like to know if I...
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  • Anyone recently appeared for the CCDA exam ?

    Anyone recently appeared for the CCDA exam ?
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  • Ccda200-310

    Hi All, Can somebody share me question types or pattern of the ccda 200-310 exam? All are mcq? Regards, Prakash
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