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Cisco Press author Wendell Odom
Cisco Press Meet the Authors Recorded Seminars
Listen-in on Cisco Press authors from across the technology spectrum, including Wendell Odom, in this on-demand webinar series. Here's your opportunity to learn from people that are so passionate and knowledgeable in their fields of expertise that they literally "wrote the book".

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Cisco Certification
Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco Press Certification Titles

Cisco Press is the market leader in Cisco Certification self-study products. With videos, books, e-books, and other titles covering everything from CCNA to CCIE, Cisco Press has the learning tools to help you succeed.
Cisco Networking Academy Titles

Cisco Press creates learning tools to support students in the Cisco Networking Academy. Ranging from series that offer portable versions of the curriculum, to valuable added lab and study content from Instructor-Authors, Cisco Press has the titles that improve comprehension and retention.

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Visit and join the Cisco Press Lounge for announcements of new titles, webinars, discounts and special offers!

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Cisco Press Introduction Image
Cisco Press is the official publisher of Cisco networking technology and Cisco certification self-study materials for networking students and professionals, whose products align with Cisco learning paths. It provides a variety of products to suit individual learning styles, including video, books, and an array of electronic learning tools.