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Video Specialist Certifications

Cisco Video Specialist certifications validate skills for Cisco Video and Collaboration IT solutions. These certifications and related training align closely with the on-the-job performance needs of Video IT, Audio/Video, and networking professionals seeking to specialize in the planning, designing, implementation, and management of video deployments.

Skills development to prepare for adding video solutions to an existing network is a critical first step. Job tasks such as evaluating QoS and performing network path assessments to evaluate network readiness for handling video traffic ahead of deployment require enhanced technical skills and knowledge. A broad selection of training and certifications available from Cisco offer skills validation and flexibility to suit your specific needs.


Successful candidates can attain the following VideoSpecialist certification:


Video Conferencing Support Specialists


For a complete list of all available specialist certifications, please view the Cisco Specialist Certification Index.


Cisco TelePresence video solutions