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Cisco Certification Compliance Videos

The purpose of the Cisco Certification Compliance Videos is to spread the message of the importance of acting with integrity. The videos are fun and entertaining so the message will reach broad and deep, helping individuals to understand both what constitutes cheating and how important it is to stop it.


Join the millions of Cisco certified individuals in protecting the value of their hard work.


The PowerThe Power
What happens when common sense is left outside the door?
01:34 sec
The One RuleThe One Rule
You can't bring a pager into the testing room, even if you know what it is. 01:14 sec
The Long JourneyThe Long Journey
Kayaks aren't that comfortable after a few hundred days.
01:19 sec
The Cool KidsThe Cool Kids
Earn your certification. No breakdancing allowed.
01:09 sec
Test of the AndroidsTest of the Androids
What's the strangest thing you've seen in a testing center?
01:39 sec
Serious CommitmentSerious Commitment
Photography degree not needed.
01:17 sec
Rock Your WorldRock Your World
Dude, that's creepy.
0:56 sec
The Bomb SquadThe Bomb Squad
Don't touch the attenuator!
01:49 sec
Can You Walk Me Through That?Can You Walk Me Through That?
Mommy can't help you this time.
01:37 sec
Don’t Share Exam ContentDon’t Share Exam Content
See what happens when “sharing” goes too far!.
01:07 sec
Two HeadsTwo Heads
Need a special power? Earn your Cisco certification! #earnedit
01:29 sec
Days of Certifications PastDays of Certifications Past
Robots everywhere…trying to **** everything.
02:06 sec
Pay the PiperPay the Piper
01:08 sec
Killer RobotsKiller Robots
Those who #earnedit have the power. .
01:38 sec