• Cisco Video Network Specialist

    The Cisco Video Network Specialist program enables traditional analog audio-visual professionals to extend their careers into the growing Video-over-IP network job role.   Professionals, who need Video-over-IP k...
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  • Test 200-001 last date to test is Aug 14, 2015...replacement test?  ACAS implication?

    So i'm working on tracking our company certs and we currently are advanced collaboration architecture specialized.  However we need to back-fill the Video Network Specialist role.  I see the last date to tes...
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  • QOS on Cisco 3750 POE Switch

    Hi everyone,   I am new to QoS, I have being given the opertunity to configure IP Cameras on our closed system, my question is where do I start and how do I monitor the utilization, +- 12 cameras per 24 port POE...
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