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Cisco Certified Architect
CCAr® Certification

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Cisco Certified Architect is the highest level of accreditation achievable within the Cisco Career Certification program. CCAr recognizes those who can effectively translate complex business strategies into infrastructure requirements and clearly communicate and advocate the proposed architecture.

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CCAr®—News & Announcements

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CCDE Information
Meet the First Two
Cisco Certified Architects
Learning@Cisco Portfolio Manager, Sanjay Mehta, interviews the networking industry’s first two Cisco Certified Architects (Alvaro Retana & Khalid Raza) and gets their thoughts and perspectives on Cisco’s newest and highest level of certification. (0:28:52)

Watch Now: Part 1

Watch Now: Part 2

Watch Now: Part 3


Scott Morris

Scott Morris: Guest Editorial

See what Scott Morris has to say about the Cisco Certified Architect.

"Ready to See What Makes the
Rockin' World Go 'Round?"

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