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Welcome to the Study/Learn table for the CCNP Voice CVOICE Exam page. This page is designed to help you quickly find what you are looking for by organizing the content according to the exam topics. These resources are meant to supplement your learning experience and exam preparation. They are NOT designed to serve as a complete self-study program, but intended only as a suggested starting point. Login to access these.



CCNP Voice CVOICE Exam Topics  


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Describe a dial planHide Titles

Understanding and Using Partitions and Calling Search Spaces with Cisco CallManager32 pages

View Now
Voice Dial Plan Interactive Voice Network Configuration Example15 pagesView Now
CTI Route Point Configuration and Use4 pagesView Now
Supporting Variable Length Dial Plans for Cisco CallManager Route Patterns - an Exercise in Designing a Route Pattern that Covers a National Dial Plan6 pagesView Now

Describe the basic operation and components involved in a VoIP callHide Titles

Understanding and Using Partitions and Calling Search Spaces with Cisco CallManager32 pagesView Now

Implement Cisco Unified Border ElementHide Titles

SIP Trunking Deployment Models14 pagesView Now
Cisco Unified Border Element Enterprise Edition Version 8.811 pagesView Now
Communications Transformations 1: Integrating SIP Trunks in Enterprise Networks for Unified Communications7 pagesView Now
Communications Transformations 2: Steps to Integrate SIP Trunk into the Enterprise5 pagesView Now
Communications Transformations 3: SIP Trunks for PSTN Access19 pagesView Now
Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) Management and Manageability Specification46 pagesView Now

Describe the need to implement QoS for voice and videoHide Titles

CCNA Voice Technical Webinar Series: Part 1: QoS Management for Voice and VideoCLN Premium Content
00:51:05Access NowSubscribe Now
LAN Switching QoS Fundamentals Series CLN Premium Content02:49:19Access Now Subscribe Now




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