This document identifies the differences between the CCT Route Switch and the CCENT certifications.
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  • ccnt book

    Where can I find a book specifically on the ccnt?. There are plenty on the ccent. Are they very different? can I use the ccent to study for the ccnt?.
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  • Next step.

    Hello I  have an A+ and N+. I am thinking the cct next for job needs. Does the a+ and n+ give me enough knowledge to obtain the cct?
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  • Cisco Learning Network CCT... what does it include?

    Hello,   I'm having a really hard time getting an answer to what I believe is a simple question. If I pay $299 for CCT certification course on the Cisco Learning Network, does that come with a voucher to actual...
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  • CCT TelePresence Certificaton - Prerequisites

    Hello, can someone tell me if there are any prerequisites for the certification (CCT TelePresence) I found the following information regarding the exam: https://learningnetworkstore.cisco.com/cisco-certifi...
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  • CCT as a start point

    Hello,   I am new to the Cisco world and my current employer would like me to travel the Cisco certification ladder. At present, the first stop is ICND1, but having notived the CCT I was wondering whether this ...
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  • Is there is any Different in Cisco and Juniper Router ?

    In some of the companies and juniper router are uses. I know about Cisco CLI mode but not aware of Juniper CLI mode Can any one Explain the CLI of Juniper Router. Cisco vs. Juniper (CLI)
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  • Booting of Cisco Router 2507 show Error

    Can Any one Tell me What is the Error I can't Understand I have UP load the IMAGE   Router Contain 16 Ethernet Port. one Console and One AUX port I have Connected to Console Port to XP machine via Serial Port
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  • Question about CCT -  Good precursor to CCENT/CCNA?

    My goal is to do the "regular" path->CCENT/CCNA, and on to CCNP hopefully.  With that being said, does anyone here have their CCT?  I am interested in taking the exam.  Would you say it's worth it, i...
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  • Start Here

    Start Here: CCT  CCT Routing & Switching Overview Study/Learn Take Your Exam CCT Data Center Overview Study/Learn Take Your Exam CCT TelePresence Overview Study/Learn Take Your Exam &...
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  • ICND 1 v1.1.  Could not complete ICND2.  So what now??

    I completed my self study for ICND1 over the better part of 7 months and passed over the Summer.  I was hoping to complete the ICND2 v1.1 before the deadline, but basically surrendered to the fact that my level o...
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  • CCT: What you should know

    The Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Certification comprises three tracks. These data sheets (PDFs) provide information you can download / print on each: CCT Routing & Switching To prepare onsite support te...
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  • Connecting to a switch through a pc ethernet

    Hello All,              I have my first Cisco switch and I was told you can connect to it via a computer's ethernet port as long as you have a rollover cable.&nb...
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  • CCT hands on

    My collegoue is study CCT.   Cisco is providing only online training for CCT, no instructor-led.   However, the guy is suffering from lack of hands on. He wants to practice and since CCT is very very basic...
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  • CCT 640-692

    All,   I re-took the CCT today and passed (836), there was still about 10 questions on the exam not covered in the Cisco training. I noted them in the memo on the test page. Well though it's only a beginners cer...
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  • CCT Self-Assesment

    I am looking for a CCT sample assesment can anyone help?
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  • CCT Routing & Switching

    Does the CCT Routing & Switching exam require experience, can I start the course without any experience on Cisco hardware.
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  • Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Certifications
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  • Cisco Certified Technician (CTT): What You Should Know

    The Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Certification comprises three different programs. Choose one or more tracks of interest to you:    CCT Routing & Switching Program For onsite support technicians...
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  • News, Events & Announcements - CCT

    News, Events & Announcements Cisco Announces Release Date of New CCNP SP Operations Certification: — Cisco is pleased to formally announce the release of its new Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP S...
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