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Built on the growing need for professionals responsible for the design, implementation, security, and operation of wireless networks and mobility infrastructures, CCNP Wireless certification recognizes the critical importance of professionals who support and manage Cisco wireless LANs and networks.

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CCNP Wireless Certification Video Data Sheet

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CCNP Wireless Certification Video Data Sheet
Watch Errol Hayward, Marketing Manager, Wireless Technologies, present the benefits and requirements on obtaining the CCNP Wireless certification (3:08)

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News, Events & Announcements

Join Cisco for a special virtual event called "Take It to the Next Level" on April 17 and 18 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time. and learn about where you could go with Cisco Professional-level certifications in Data Center, Design, Security, Service Provider, Voice, Wireless, or Routing and Switching. Register Now

CCNA Wireless and CCNP Wireless Courses and Written Exams v2.0 Refresh The courses and written exams have been refreshed to include the latest wireless technology and products.  Learn More


Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCNP® Wireless Certification

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Cisco Mobility Community - Blog
Apr 18, 2014 Bring Out Yer Dead: 5 Steps to Eliminate 802.11b From Your Networks
Now that US tax day is over, we in the wireless field can get back to focusing on P1: optimizing [...]
Apr 16, 2014 Connected Healthcare: How Mobility Drives Better Care and a Healthier Society
As advancements in mobility continue to accelerate across all industries, one area that appears poised for some of the deepest transformation [...]

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Suggested CUWSS Wireless Learning Resources
Cisco Designated VIP Jared shares his recommendations for learning materials that helped him prepare to take the CUWSS exam. He recommends a paper on how to use Cisco Spectrum Expert and a number of other wireless site survey and configuration guides and resources.

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CUWSS Quick Reference eBook
Voice Over Wireless LAN Design Guide

The CCNP Wireless (CUWSS) Quick Reference provides a concise review of the material you need to know to take the CUWSS Exam. Review topics and key concepts/commands related to wireless site surveys, designing the RF network and post installation assessments of compliance.

Learn more

Deploying a VoWLAN solution? This design guide comes from the Cisco Validated Design Program which exists to facilitate faster, more reliable, and more predictable customer deployments. Learn more about the Validated Design program.

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