• Information Request for Jobs in CCNA/P Industrial

      I must be blind or just never noticed the CCNA Industrial certification before now.  I've reviewed the certification topics that cover Industrial Control Systems and Networks for Manufacturing, but would t...
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  • ccna academy to ccnp

    Hello, I'm preparing for ccna instructor and my question is (is it possible to do my CCNP exams after that or I need to do the CCNA industry first?) Thanks
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  • ccna address verification mistake

    hi guys,   while verifying address from my brothers cisco account for address verification for ccna kit...i think i did a mistake while entering the postal code of our area....now i need to correct that mistake ...
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  • ccna security 640-554

    I have scheduled my exam for ccna security 640-554 but now i want to reschedule my exam to ccna security 210-260..Is it possible to reschedule this exam....
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  • Question

    hi everyone..   what is the difference between a service and a protocol in field of networking model?
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  • CCNA

    HI everyone,   i have two questions..   1. What is the difference betwwen Network and Networking ?   2. What is the difference between Protocols and Standards?
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  • CCNA Industrial Video datasheet

    OT and IT Networks are Converging Learn how you can deploy technologies for industrial networks.
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • Cisco certification

    Hai guys,      I am currently pursuing my B.tech CS and this is my final year.I would like to know the nature of cisco certifications.I mean, is it more of practical work or theory?.I wanted to en...
    created by MOHAMMED