• Cloud Training and Certification

    Cloud Certification Video Data Sheet Learn how you can get started with your Cloud certifications. (00:02:42) Cloud Training and Certification is Here Build confidence in your cloud decisions and ability to deve...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • Cloud Computing

    please tell me about cloud computing. They say by the end of 2018, 78% of work database will be on cloud technology and there is a huge scope for cloud computing. Cisco also provides us with the CCNA cloud? How secure...
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  • Packet Tracer Help

    I am trying to do the first lab 1.2.4 in LAN Switching and Wireless and I cannot find the PDF instructions/topology that it refers to.  Can anyone help?
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  • Subnet problem

    Hello guys i am learning subnetting i am struck here We have an IP how do i find the last valid host?     I know the range is from          &n...
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  • CCNA cloud vs VCP cloud

    Hi,   Please explain what the exact difference between VCP-cloud and CCNA-cloud. Also, the topics look similar to CCIE-DC in CCNA-Cloud. Which is the best?   Thanks.
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  • Subnetting Problem.Not able to do this question in 8 month need your help

    I need your help friends. An organisation is granted a block the administrator wants to create 2000 subnets 1)Find the subnet mask   subnet = 2)Find the number of addresses in each subnet...
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  • How to prepare for Cisco CCNA Cloud ?

    Pls share some info.
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