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Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert - Wireless
CCIE ® Wireless Certification

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The Cisco CCIE Wireless certification assesses and validates wireless expertise. Candidates who pass the CCIE Wireless certification exams must demonstrate broad theoretical knowledge of wireless networking and a solid understanding of wireless LAN technologies from Cisco, the market leader in WLAN technology.

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Cisco Blog » Enterprise Networks
17-Feb-2015 Making it easy to deploy Cisco’s Intelligent WAN
We continue to see great interest and momentum around our Intelligent WAN solution but there is one thing we are hearing loud and clear from our customers; the need for better tools to configure and manage branch sites and associated WAN connections. For those of you familiar with Cisco’s Intelligent WAN there are four main business outcomes that the solution promises to deliver: Better Application Experience for Users Robust Secure Access for Applications and Users Lower IT Costs IT Simplicity for Increased Agility Management [...]
10-Feb-2015 Multigigabit Switching Extends and Super-charges Your Access LAN’s Life
If the phrase “multigigabit switching” is not in your personal knowledge base yet, you are not alone – it’s very new. But going forward, you’ll hear a lot about it. Here’s why.  Multigigabit switching is an emerging technology that shatters the Ethernet speed barriers found in the LAN infrastructure that most of you have today. It’ll extend the life of your current access LAN for years to come, while helping you get ready for new technology trends that are rapidly [...]
28-Jan-2015 Enterprise Networks Taking Center Stage at Cisco Live Milan
It is clear being an IT professional today is not easy, there are ever increasing demands on the network and on IT resources. Just look at some of the data out there: According to a report posted on Information Age 70% of businesses say that IT operations are holding them back. Research from the Cisco Visual Networking Index, Forecast Methodology 2013-2018 shows that there will be an 18% year over year increase in business IP traffic. Our latest Cisco Mobility Landscape Study shows that 89% of organizations have company-wide or specific mobility initiative. Even in conversations with customers here at Cisco Live [...]
26-Jan-2015 Summary: Drive Customer Engagement with Analytics and Insights – the Next Wave of CMX Innovation
CES and NRF kicked off 2015 with a bang, and as usual, showed us that there is no shortage of gadgets and dashboards to help businesses solve their every need. From an IT perspective, choosing the right tools to solve each technology challenge should involve a full evaluation the merits of feature sets, while balancing the (rapidly shrinking) budget. But the business doesn’t wait – IT is flanked by consumer-mindset-driven employees and visionary execs eager to stay on top of [...]
23-Jan-2015 Is a Cloud-Based Network Right for You – The Techwise Guys Examine Network As a Service
If you are a fan of TechWise TV, like I am, then you are always curious as to what Jimmy Ray and Robb are going to delve into next. In the latest Techwise TV episode focused on Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT, the TechWise guys have amassed a band of technical and cloud-managed experts to discuss what cloud-managed IT is really all about. The TechWise TV guys will look at the Cisco Meraki solution to see if simplicity means reduced functionality, or if [...]

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Business Mobility Revolution—Blog
Cisco Mobility—Twitter™ feed
03-Mar-2015 Mobility Express Bundle: A Fast & Simple Wi-Fi Solution for Small and Mid-sized Deployments
Cisco is making the new 802.11ac standard appealing to everyone. Cisco Mobility Express Bundle is a simple, affordable solution. It is designed for small to medium sized deployments, leveraging Cisco’s enterprise class Wi-Fi. Cisco Mobility Express Bun...
02-Mar-2015 MSE 10 at Cisco Live! Milan 2015
Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution leverages information from the Wi-Fi network to collect aggregate location data from mobile devices. This can be used to tease out behavioral patterns and trends, which in turn can help businesses mak...
10-Oct-2012 Cisco_Mobility: #802.11ad: WiFi's about to get fast. How fast?
Cisco_Mobility: #802.11ad: WiFi's about to get fast. How fast?
10-Oct-2012 Cisco_Mobility: Unified Access: Perspective from @biztech2tv
Cisco_Mobility: Unified Access: Perspective from @biztech2tv

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CCIE Wireless—News & Announcements

The Retake Policy for CCIE and CCDE Written Exams has been revised and will go into effect beginning August 2, 2014. Learn More.

The Retake Policy for CCIE Lab Exams has been revised and will go into effect beginning August 2, 2014. Learn More.

CCIE Wireless New Exam "Ask the Expert" with Erik Vangrunderbeek — Learn about the changes done to the new version of the Wireless Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) exam that was launched recently.   ASK QUESTIONS - Discussion Closes on February 24,2012 —View Now

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CCIE Wireless
Considering Getting a CCIE Wireless Certification?
Cisco Sales Engineers working on wireless customer and partner deployments in South Africa, the United Kingdom and around the world in areas such as South America, Africa the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Russia share insights you can use about the new CCIE Wireless certification.

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CCIE Wireless
Is CCIE Wireless Right for You?
Sanjay Mehta, CCIE Wireless certification product manager and senior Cisco leaders Brett Galloway and Bob Friday share their insights and more about the opportunities CCIE Wireless opens up in the marketplace.

Do you think you're ready to call yourself a wireless expert?

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Great Turnout: CCIE Wireless Written Beta Exam
Thank you to all who participated in the beta, we had a great turnout!
If you missed the beta, not to worry, the exam is now in post-beta production and will be live in the February timeframe. Refer to the links below to begin studying for it now.


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