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CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Overview

Configuring a Network to Given Specifications


The CCIE lab exam is an eight-hour, hands-on exam which requires you to configure a series of networks to given specifications. The lab focuses on implementing Enterprise WLAN solutions, such as implementing the Autonomous infrastructure, Unified infrastructure, Unified Controllers and AP’s, Unified WCS and Location and implementing Voice over Wireless.


Candidates are expected to demonstrate expert level wireless skills as well as troubleshooting skills to diagnose and solve issues as part of the CCIE lab exam.


More detail is found on the Wireless Lab Exam Blueprint and list of Lab Equipment and IOS Versions.


Written and Lab Exams v2.0 Now Available:

Candidates can prepare using the CCIE Wireless Written Exam Topics v2.0, and the Lab Exam Topics v2.0, For more information on how to prepare for the exams, please view the Written Exam Study/Learn or Lab Exam Study/Learn tabs.

Lab Exam Topics

CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Topics v2.0

Lab Locations

Wireless Lab Exams are offered at Cisco locations. Additional information, can be  found on  the  Take Your Lab Exam tab.


Lab Environment

Access to the The online Cisco documentation pages is provided in the lab room, but the exam assumes knowledge of the more common protocols and technologies. As of Sept 24 2008 CCIE labs do no longer support using the UniversCD documentation for the lab exam. All labs are migrating to Cisco Documentation only. The Cisco Documentation pages have the same information that currently resides on UniversCD, please refer to the links on the CCIE web pages to view these pages and become familiar with the new format.


Cisco Product Documentation


No outside reference materials are permitted in the lab room. You must report any suspected equipment issues to the proctor during the exam; adjustments cannot be made once the exam is over.


Lab Exam Grading

Each question on the lab has specific criterion. The labs are graded by proctors who ensure all the criterion are met and points are awarded accordingly. The proctors use automatic tools to gather information from the routers to perform some preliminary evaluations, but the final determination of a correct or incorrect configuration is done by a trained proctor.



The Lab Exam cost does not including travel and lodging expenses. Costs may vary due to exchange rates and local taxes (VAT, GST). You are responsible for any fees your financial institution charges to complete the payment transaction.  Price not confirmed and is subject to change until full payment is made. For more information on the Lab Exam Registration please reference the Take Your Lab Exam tab.



You can review your lab exam results online (login required), usually within 48 hours. Results are Pass/Fail and failing score reports indicate major topic areas where additional study and preparation may be useful.


Reevaluation of Lab Results

A Reread involves having a second proctor load your configurations into a rack to re-create the test and re-score the entire exam.  Rereads are available for the Routing and Switching, and Service Provider technology tracks.


A Review involves having a second proctor verify your answers and any applicable system-generated debug data saved from your exam.  Reviews are available for all other tracks.

Payment Terms

Make your request within 14 days following your exam date by using the "Request for Reread" link next to your lab record. A Reread costs $1000.00 USD and a Review costs $400.00 USD. Payment is made online via credit card and your Reread or Review will be initiated upon successful payment. You may not cancel the appeal request once the process has been initiated. Refunds are given only when results change from fail to pass.


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