• Traceroute

    Hi everybody,   I have a question about of command tracert or traceroute in a device, because in the trace show that:   14ms!O 15ms!O   this is one of jumps but the sign !O which it refers, what doe...
    Jorge Bohorquez
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  • Performance ISE

    Hi everybody,   How I can to see the processing of the a Cisco ISE, by CLI or in graphic platform??
    Jorge Bohorquez
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  • NTP application attacks

    Hi, everybody, please I have a question. The server and / or NTP client responds to mode 6 queries. The devices that respond to these queries can be used in NTP application attacks. An unauthenticated attacker could e...
    Jorge Bohorquez
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  • Certifications

    When is the CCNA routing and switching certification update?
    Jorge Bohorquez
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  • Use the same area subnet  and area ID in OSPF.

    Dears,   Kindly be advise me for this case, Can use the same area ID with same subnet in OSPF as two area are not contiguous (each area connected with area 0, but use different IPs on nodes in each area??  ...
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  • Overlaps subnet

    I have read some threads about this and I can't find my error I have two router connected to each other through fa0/0 interface Router 0 fa0/1: -> host range: 129-158 (Network A) Router 0 fa0/0:...
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  • Find route-target export

    Hi All,   I was wondering if there was a way/command to find out where route target is being imported from.   So on a router, i have :   ip vrf red rd export map export-to-management ...
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  • Start Here: CCIE SP Operations

    Service Provider Operations Certification Retirement   The Cisco Service Provider Operations certification portfolio is retired effective February 1, 2015.  No new certifications will be issued.  Candi...
    Madhukar: Cisco Team
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  • Study Partner

    Hello   Anyone preparing for SP Ops ?   Regards Harish
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  • Back to Back VRF on same AS number possible?

    Hi experts,   I am studying this B2B VRF thing and I built this lab and the diagram is attached.   Basically R101 should learn the prefix on R10 through both VPNv4 and B2B VRF. Sorry if I...
    Difan Zhao
    created by Difan Zhao
  • How route target defined under address family ipv4 differs from route target defined directly under brf definintion in IOS

    Hi ,   I have a doubt.Please consider the below config.   ip vrf VPN-A rd 100:1 route-target export 100:1 route-target import 100:1 ! address-family ipv4   route-target export 100:1   ...
    created by Shruthi
  • Error Code: unsupported/disjoint capability.

    Dear All,   I have this neighbour & i am unable to create the neighbourship with neighbour. I am getting Error Code: unsupported/disjoint capability.   For the resolution of the normal peer we have comma...
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  • Sham Link

    Dear all,     Kindly check the attached configuration of this topology, then try to investigate why sham link is up and it has no effect.   Thank you. Hint: sham link end points are ( and ...
    Mustafa Nassef
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  • MPLS Cloud Label

    Dear All,       I wanted to express a concept and please verify or correct and I would be so thankful for you.   PE only needs two labels to reach any network for one customer's VPN on other...
    Mustafa Nassef
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  • VRF into Global mapping

    Dear All,      When do we need this in real world?   ip route vrf A global   this maps routes from VRF A into which is found in global routing tabl...
    Mustafa Nassef
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  • Bfd over OSPF on Catalyst 6500 not going up

    Hi all, I am trying to enable BFD over OSPF between 2 catalyst 6509 switches, but i can not see clearly why the bfd session is always on AdminDown state: My hw: 2 x catalyst6509-E, with dual Sup720-10G +DFC +MSFC3....
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  • CCIE service provider operations

    Hi I'm an old CCNA-CCNP currently Juniper Certified JNCIP-E.   I'd like to try the CCIE SP operations, do I've some strict prerequisits ? Or can I book it also with expired CCNP ?   Tks
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  • Is there any official certification guide?

    Hello,   I'm wondering if someone has any idea about an eventual official certification guide for CCIE or CCNP SP Op. SP Operation track sounds very interesting because of the process management side, I'm now p...
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  • Anyone thinking of doing CCIE SP OPs?

    If so, what's your background and why specifically CCIE SP OPs?
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  • pppoe service name

    Hi   I  am configuring Cisco 1721 Router for internet connectivity. The ISP has  given a Ethernet connection. I have to connect by a pppoe connection. I  have created the dialer and done the rest ...
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