I did doing my own lab with multilayer switches, I have cretated 6 Vlans and 6 Vlans interface to make possible inter vlans communication, those switches are conneced to a router, Ihave two locations with same configu...
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  • STP Root Guard

    Hello to all! I'm studying for my CCNP switch exam and I found this topology and I wonder in what ports should I active STP Root Guard. Suppose SW1 is the root bridge  
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  • Cisco Switch Monitoring - Passing Information through to a SCADA interface

    Hi,   I'm looking at displaying switch and router status through a SCADA application (in this case Wonderware InTouch). There are a number of network monitoring tools on offer that display information that is mo...
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  • Rapid spanning-tree and duplex

    Hi,   according to CCNP SWITCH official certification guide, I read that there a 3 port type in RSPT:   Edge port Root port Point-to-point port   "Point-to-point ports are automatically determined ...
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  • cat 3550 emi flash tftp transfer issues

    Attempt to send cat 3550 flash file/directory to tftp via "copy flash tftp" or "archive upload-sw tftp...."gives "file, directory not found", or "unable to calculate current image version; use the /version option to s...
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  • IP-helper on layer3 switch.

    Hi,   I have been looking and can't find what i am looking for, i have 2 layer 3 switches and 4 layer 2 switches, everything is trunked good and there are 4 vlans on all of them, i wanna do ip-helper so i can hoo...
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  • Ethechannel modes

    Hello,   I have a question in regards to etherchannel modes, I do understand the negotiation protocols LACP and PAGP, but I do not get the "ON" mode, what protocol are you establishing?   For example for ...
    Jose Pablo Monge
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  • Native VLAN on allowed vlan list

    Hello,   I was just working on a lab and I  was configuring some trunks to allow specific vlans, but I started thinking, if I defined vlan 30 as native, this means trunks will send info accross without any ...
    Jose Pablo Monge
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  • What is DHCP option 82 and Option 43 ?

    What is DHCP option 82 and Option 43 ?
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  • GLBP Weighting Mechanism

    With GLBP's double weighting mechanism, does the weight have to drop below the lower threshold for the upper threshold to be put in play, or can it actually just equal it?
    Mark Heick
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  • The 642-813 exam vs. the Cisco Press Official Certification Guide?

    Hi,   I recently started studying for the 642-813 (CCNP SWITCH) exam. I've been using the Cisco Press Official Certification Guide as my primary source, as well as doing hands-on labs on Cisco switches. By this ...
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  • CCNP SWITCH study material

    Today I failed CCNP switch exam . I made some errors during the exam , and I will fix it soon . but in my opinion there were too many questions which I didnt found in Official Certification Guide by David Hucaby , whi...
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