• CCDP Video Data Sheet

    CCDP Video Data Sheet Learn More about CCDP Certification (3:02 min)
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  • ARCH v3 and 642-874 ARCH Exam

    I just submitted a case with Certification Support for clarification but it appears cisco just announced the last day to test for 642-874 ARCH V2 exam is March 14, 2015.  I hoping this is a typo and it should be ...
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  • Looking for Cisco Logical DC Icons/Stencils HELP!

    Hi   Can someone tell me where can I get the all the logical stencils for DC?  Cisco website does not have it nor I can't find it online.  Any ideas?
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  • ARCH (642-874)  exam Before CCDA (640-864) exam

    Hi Everyone,   I have had my CCNP since 2011 and I have recertified it early this year by passing a CCNP security exam. My Route v.1 and Switch v.1 are still valid after recertifying.   I have just finishe...
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  • Requirement for CCDP

    Hi All,   As stated, would like to find out the requirement for being certified with CCDP. Currently I have already obtain the CCNP certification, however it is the 642-902 and 642-813 version. Do I need to re...
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  • Advice on design

    I'm working on my designing skills and have a project to do for work. Currently we have all layer 2 switches and an ASA 5505 in our main office, from one of the layer 2 switches we have a MetroE line to our datacenter...
    Chaz (CCNAx2 / CCNP)
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  • CCDP from older CCNP

    Hello,   I have a question about going from an old (but still valid) CCNP to CCDP. I know this has been asked before, but I want to double check in my case because I earned my CCNP-R&S back in Dec 2008 when ...
    Dave Calderone
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  • CCDP Design Content

            CCDP Video Data Sheet Learn More about CCDP Certification (3:02 min) View the Video         5 Sets of ARCH Review Questions Enterprise architectur...
    Andrew: Cisco Team
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  • Recertification info

    Hello,   my certifications (CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP) will expire in June. I would like to know what do I need to do in order to recertify.   thank you.
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  • Reg- CCDP Certification

    Hi. i have passed CCNA Routing and switching on 27-July-2006 which was valid till 27 july 2009, then i have given CCNP composit on 27 june 2009 and then TShoot on 24 march 2012 to complete CCNP. which will expire on 2...
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  • CCNP

    Please is it advisable to continuing CISCO after you passed CCNA and you have no job except traninig in pc maintance in just small workshop or l should quit  CCNP studying untill l get a job ?
    Austin Power
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  • CCDP 642-874 exam Passes But not Certified  in Certification Progress

    I has Passed CCDP but it is not ceertifed in Certification Progress, It has been Enrolled….. i did not take the CCDA exam because it is not Enrolled. What i will do to Complete Certification? Pls help me anyone...
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  • CCDP or CCNP old 642 and new 300 exams

    can i obtain my CCDP or CCNP if I pass the required 642/300 exams in old/new combination?  does CCDP  =  642-813 sw + 300-101 route  + 642-874 arch ??
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  • late CCDP

    Hi,   How can I achieve the CCDP certification ? I have passed in CCNA, BGP and BSCI exams. Which exams I must take ?   Thanks.   Sandra
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  • CCNP to CCDP

    Hi I have completed my route 1.0 and switch 1.0. I would like to know if I complete the arch exam after Jan 29th will I still get the CCDP certification? or do I have to take the route 2.0 and switch 2,0?
    Lionel DSouza
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  • CCDP certifiction

    Hi Experts,   Basically, I want to ask a question regarding CCDP certification. I am CCNP certified with BCMSN, BSCI, ISCW and ONT  exam, what additional exam do I need to give so that I can achieve CCDP cer...
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  • Logical vs. Physical Diagram

    I am struggling to understand how to create a logical diagram as I have always created physical diagrams. Can anyone provide some tips on how to create these in a separate manner? Maybe some examples. I have seen both...
    Steven Williams
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  • CCNP to CCDP -- if attempting after January 29, 2015

    Hi,   My CCNP certification is valid till August'2017. I do not have CCDA. If I want to attempt CCDP after February-2015 what all certifications I need to pass?   I found in Cisco website that last date to...
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  • ARCH 642-874 should be taken before January 29, 2015?

    Hi, i have passed CCNA, CCDA, ROUTE 642-902 and SWITCH 642-813, if i want to get CCDP should i passed ARCH 642-874 before January 29, 2015?   Thanks
    Ahmad M
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  • ARCH FLG 3rd edition answer key errata

    Hi.   Just as a contribution and request for comments I have compiled this errata:   Appendix A   Chapter 2     7. reads: B,C,E     should: B,E,F     E...
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