I'm looking to complete the FE1 specialisation but having trouble locating the relevant training.   My preference is to complet 500-920 (DCITUC) since it seems more geared towards Cisco UCS but I can't find any ...
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  • exam expiry

    Hello,   I am unable to contact Cisco by phone or online to check my exam expiry.   So I am cutting it way too tight but my current exam is due to expire 8/12/2017. The only centre local just has times for...
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  • I want to find a CCIE course providers in sri lanka

    I want to find a CCIE training locations in sri lanka
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  • Where does backplane fit in the device planes?

    Hi, I found this article Configure InterVLAN Routing on Layer 3 Switches - Cisco Which basically says inter VLAN routing happens on the back plane of a layer 3 switch But my textbook only explains what are data pla...
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