• CCDA Video Data Sheet

    CCDA Video Data Sheet Learn more about the benefits and requirements for obtaining a CCDA certification. (3:29)
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  • CCDA DESGN v2.1 - Module 7

    CCDA DESGN v2.1 - Module 7  The following review questions are taken from the current DESGN curriculum. These review questions do not reflect the actual questions you will receive on the live certification exam....
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  • Understanding Wireless Network Controller Technology

    Understanding Wireless Network Controller Technology Upon completing this lesson, you should be able to: Describe wireless network controller deterministic and dynamic redundancy design Describe the differences bet...
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  • CCDA 640-864 DESGN & 642-874 ARCH Stops 14 December 2015

    Ok So my CCNP R&S and CCNP Wireless certification is going to run out in January 2016. I was planning on doing CCDA 640-864 DESGN & 642-874 ARCH this way i would eb recertified for 3 years. Now i am wonderin...
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  • CCNA security and design

    Hello all,   I am planning to start my preparation for CCNA security and design, but i want the networking academy version for both. Do you know the latest versions? I have searched to ciscopress but no luck. ...
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  • Will CCDA renew your CCNA?

    Hi,   My CCNA is about kto expire in June? If I pass my CCDA will that be enough to renew my CCNA? I know it should because in order to do CCDA you should have a CCNA Cert. One of my friend did his last year a...
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  • CCDA exam preparation manuals.

    Hi. can anybody please tell me what is the recommended CCDA exam preparation manuals? I was told Design for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) 2nd edition 2007, by Diane Teare is a very good manual to use.
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  • Books for CCDA

    Hi All,   I am planning to go for CCDA certification. Can I get a free pdf of the official certification guide of ccda. Request you to give me the link , if at all iot is possible. If anyone have asoft copy and ...
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  • urgent issue on Pearson CD in CISCO CCDA Book

    I'm couple of days only far from sitting to the CCDA exam. I tried to installed the Pearson simulator. The technical specifications of that simulator are not correct. It does not work on XP, it does require .NET 4.5. ...
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  • Router wont let me in!

    Hi guys.   I have an issue om my hands. My boss asked me to change the passwords on our network RTR's, I logged into the 1st one and removed the enable password (no enable password............) and copied to ...
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  • Two Critical questions on CCDA certification

    Hi,   I have two critical questions about CCDA certification. My CCNA R&S will expire on july 2015. I have the possibility to take 3 or 4 weeks vacation on june and to work 8 hours/day on the CCDA certificat...
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  • Barely made it CCDA passed

    I would like to tell you my experience on passing CCDA.   I passed CCNA on March 20 2015 and then study for CCDA and passed it on April 13 2015.   The time is very short I know. I made it 21 marks above th...
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  • What to do with old Cisco Press books

    Hi all-   Through the course of getting my various Cisco Certs I have amassed a large number of Cisco Press books; some fairly new, some not so much. Am paring the collection down (and going digital) but hate to...
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  • Prerequisites for CCDA certification

    Do 640-801 (CCNA) recertified on June 2011 is enough to answer CCDA or we CCENT is the must to get CCDA.
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  • Pass CCDA exam

    This is my first exam on Cisco I have passed my CCDA on 27 February 2015 i pass only 811/1000 before I was afraid because I read Prerequisites for CCDA should have skill equal CCNA or another associate. I just read ...
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  • CCDA Design Content

        CCDA Video Data Sheet Learn more about the benefits and requirements for obtaining a CCDA certification. (3:29).     Routing Protocols for the Enterprise In addition to helping use...
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  • Does my current CCNA R&S (640-802) can be a sufficient prerequisite of CCDA?

    Good day. In Certification Progress webpage, I noticed that under the "Status" column, it's either you are "Enrolled" or "Certified". I'm currently have my CCNA certification and I'm willing to pursue my CCDA certif...
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  • Can CCNA- DC be prereq for CCDA

    Folks, can I take CCDA exam with a prereq cert as CCNA -DC or is it confined to CCNA R&S ?
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  • Getting Your CCDA: EXPERIENCE "OR" EXPOSURE REQUIRED, Not Shortcuts!

    Let's cut through "the mess," shall we?  Some reading this may feel a bit "slighted" after viewing this post, whereas others (who are honest with themselves) will give what I'm saying some consideration when appr...
  • answers in the CCDA design certification guide are wrong !!

    Hi all,   From the CCDA design certification guide, Chapter 5: Wireless LAN Design, question 36   Which two of the following statements represent a preferred split-MAC LWAPP implementation? (Select tw...
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