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The Cisco Learning Network is a social learning community focused on the IT industry. Our mission at the Cisco Learning Network is to provide learning tools, training resources, and industry guidance to anyone interested in building an IT career through Cisco certifications. The certification preparation materials offered on the Cisco Learning Network do not constitute a complete self-study program but are supplemental materials to enhance core learning programs.


With more than 800,000 members registered globally, the Cisco Learning Network is a truly international learning experience intended to help support lifelong learning and sustainable education for its members.



Cisco Learning Network Membership Types


There are two types of membership available at the Cisco Learning Network: free membership and Cisco Learning Network Premium membership.


Certification Exam Topics
Technical Forums
Tech Seminars
IT Training Videos
Learning Games
Study Questions
600+ Additional Training Videos
Hands on Practice Labs





The Cisco Learning Network Team



Kay; Berkel

Kay Berkel - Community Manager


Cisco Learning Network Premium, Collaboration


“Hi all Cisco Learning Network members, I’m Kay! Please reach out to me with any questions or comments about Cisco Learning Network Premium or Collaboration. If you’re interested in presenting your technical knowledge in a Member-Led Study Session, stretching your technical expertise by joining us as a Subject Matter Expert or assisting a wider part of the community by becoming a community mentor, please let me know, I’d love to work with you!”


Kay has worked with Cisco Learning Network since 2012 as a Project Manager. For the past year, though, she has been a community manager for Cisco Learning Network Premium and the Collaboration certification track. Kay enjoys engaging with community members and working with technical experts to build new content.


This Detroit native now makes Houston, Texas, her home. For hobbies, Kay enjoys traveling and volunteer service and has just picked up bike riding. Kay is in the United States central time zone  (UTC -6).




Brett; Lovins

Brett Lovins - Community Manager


Routing and Switching, Service Provider, Service Provider Ops, Design


“I'd like to say hello and welcome to all visitors of the site. From the newcomers who dropped in from a Google search to the veterans who have been a part of this community for years, hello and welcome. I'm in my third year as Community Manager here on the Cisco Learning Network. I suit-up every day to bring value; helping people connect with other people and with educational resources.  My door is open and my light is on.


“A favorite quote from a horse whisperer guy named Pat Parelli: 'A horse doesn't care how much you know until he knows how much you care.' Fits here somehow.


Currently, Brett is responsible for managing the Routing and Switching, Service Provider, and Service Provider Ops communities for the Cisco Learning Network and co-managing the Design track communities. Brett is located in the United States Pacific time zone (UTC -8).




David; Martin

David Martin - Community Manager


Cisco Modeling Labs


“Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network! I’m really pleased that you are here and are ready to join one of the most vibrant IT learning environments around! The Cisco Learning Network is all about community and engagement, so if there is anything we can do to make it better, let us know!“


David has been with Cisco in a variety of roles since 2003, including Curriculum Planning, Business Development, Instructional Design, and Advanced Services education. He spends his time working between the Cisco Support Community, where he is the Community Manager for the Cisco Modeling Labs group, and the Cisco Learning Network, where he focuses on understanding how people learn about, interact with, and use Cisco products. He has a particular interest in online community learning, education theory, and how people learn in groups.  He‘s also active at Cisco Live events, where he has the opportunity to get out from the cyber realm and meet the communities he works with in the flesh!


When not engaged with users on the Cisco Support Community and Cisco Learning Network, David is a professional photographer, something that he also does at Cisco Live events. He is originally from London, England, but now lives just outside Cincinnati in northern Kentucky. David is located in the United States Eastern time zone (UTC -5).




Matt; Saunders

Matt Saunders - Community Manager


Data Center, Security, Wireless, Design


“Connect with me. I'm here to help and to make the Cisco Learning Network an even better place to learn, teach, and reach goals!“


After ten-plus years‘ experience in IT Management in academic environments, Matt has made the transition to Community Management. He thrives on building engaged, powerful communities. Currently, Matt is responsible for managing the Data Center, Security, and Wireless communities for the Cisco Learning Network, and he also co-manages the Design track communities.  Matt is located in the United State Pacific time zone (UTC -8).




Susan; Shaw

Susan Shaw - Cisco Learning Network Manager


Cisco Learning Network


“Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network! We are here to inform, educate, and support you in your journey toward your certification goals. Please feel free to reach out to any Cisco team member with suggestions and comments. We work to continuously update and improve the site, so feedback is always welcome!”


Susan Shaw has been with Cisco off and on since 2000. She has been a Project Manager, Course Developer, and Curriculum Planner and has worked with several different Cisco customers on customized training. She now manages the Cisco Learning Network Community Management Team and is very proud to be a part of the best social learning site in the industry. Susan is located in the United States Eastern time zone (UTC -5).





The community was established in 2008 by Learning@Cisco, the corporate home of the Cisco Certification Program. The Learning@Cisco organization is led by Cisco Vice President and General Manager, Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn.




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