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Why IT?

August 5, 2008

  Ben Ng Program Manager, CCIE Voice     CCIE# 6337, Routing and Switching, Voice   Connecting people, even before Cisco came up with the slogan “the human network,” never really left my mind. Thanks to my wife who keeps reminding me:   “So what do you do at work?”   “You know, I configure a bunch of routers with different routing ...

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Posted by Maurilio_CCIE_3807 Aug 5, 2008

  Maurilio Gorito, CCIE # 3807   Routing & Switching, Security, and WAN Switching   SuCCIEd! Portuguese version (podcast) When I started my career in networking, I worked as a support engineer for Cisco customers and Cisco partners who were designing networks, implementing networks, and needed expertise to support their networks. When I started my career at Cisco, I worked ...

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