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More Shenanigans: vPC, VXLAN and ACI...Just for Fun! by Micheline Murphy In my last installment of "...Just for Fun!" we began our exploration into virtual port channels. First, we looked at a vPC pair in complete isolation, and then some failure scenarios. Let's continue our exciting adventure by exploring vPCs in a VXLAN environment and then round out the day with a peek into vPCs in ACI. ... Read more

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Flags! ACI External EPG Subnet Flags...Just for Fun! by Micheline Murphy   In ACI, the L3Out is a veritable Howl’s Moving Castle[i] of configuration whose ultimate goal is to deliver external connectivity to the endpoints in the ACI fabric. All told, I think there are something in excess of twenty steps to go from zero to full connectivity between an outside ... Read more

Conning the System: Virtual Port Channels...Just for Fun! by Micheline Murphy   Virtual port channels are the tricksters of the networking world. They were originally developed as a con game, way to link two switches together and fool the rest of the network into thinking they were only a single switch. The biggest driver for developing vPC technology was to avoid having spanning-tree come ... Read more

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