An Honor It Has Been


Over the past four years I have been honored to be part of a group selected to represent one of the best and brightest Cisco communities in existence. It has been an exceptional experience working with so many talented individuals, and to work so closely with Learning@Cisco and their colleagues. This collaboration has helped to grow and drive the community beyond even my hopes! Unfortunately as the truism goes, all good things must come to an end.


I was recently presented with an opportunity to join an OEM (not Cisco, for those who are wondering) that focuses on next-gen security and advanced threat protection. Having worked with a broad variety of security products in the past, moving into a position to further diversify my capabilities was a very attractive opportunity. I have transitioned away from implementation into a pre-sales engineering role and thus remain very technical. It gives me the opportunity to help my customers develop solutions from the beginning, which is something I have yearned to do for several years now. Sadly this change in employment presents a conflict of interest for me, as a result I must step down from the ranks of CLN Designated VIPs. I still plan to remain active within the community as just another user, hopefully still able to help people!


The new "generation" of leaders that has risen up within this community have brought a new level of passion, expertise and engagement. I am constantly impressed with everyone who has emerged as trusted advisors here, their drive is contagious and I believe it has started a bit of a domino effect. I am excited to see where they lead this community in the future! I will certainly be sticking around to find out.


Without further ado, and with no further wisdom to impart, I simply say - So Long to the Cisco Designated VIP program, and Thanks For All The Fish!