Which Cisco Certification Should I Choose

I see people asking the question every day "which certification or track should I choose"?


Should I go for Voice or R&S or DC or Security or something else? As networking technology continues to evolve, it has been divided into several tracks. Each track deals with that specific area of the technology. So the question still remains the same.  Which one to choose?

“It’s a journey not a race. Enjoy it rather than just covering it”

The answer depends on the candidate. Which track are you passionate about? I see people asking which one to choose for better career opportunities in the future and more earning potential. It's not like that. You can excel in every track of the technology. So choose the track in which learning is fun and you feel more comfortable, so that you can run long-term with the same passion you have at the start. You definitely want to ride a cruiser bike on a long highway journey due to comfort rather than a sports bike. So why not evolve that passion in your professional career and start enjoying it rather than just pushing yourself for salary?

“Run with your mind, not just your legs”

People are making money in every track so why can't you? As the competition in the job market gets tougher day-by-day, in my view, it's safe to choose that technology which really excites you rather than choosing the technology which is in-demand. Nowadays recruiters are looking for candidates who are passionate about learning and improving themselves. Someone said to me, "We want to see how passionate the candidate is to learn. If he is not an expert that's not a problem for us. If he is ready to learn, then we are ready to help."

Most people do the certifications in the track that they are currently working in, as they have a good grasp of the material and find it more comfortable. But if you want to learn other tracks, go for it! Always keep learning and expanding your knowledge.

No matter which track you choose, I still recommend achieving the CCNA R&S (minimum) or CCNP R&S (recommended) before you move onto any other track. CCNA R&S gives you a brief look at networking technologies and, once you have completed it, you will know which path is best for you.

CCENT (ICND1) is the minimum pre-requisite before moving on to any other Cisco Certification tracks.


You can only excel in fields that you are passionate about.

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Best of Luck in Your Certification Journey!