Cisco Live US is now just around the corner. For those who have never attended, I would strongly recommend this event if the opportunity arises. In my opinion, this is one of the finest public technical events I’ve ever attended. For me, it is about much more than just the sessions. The true value of this event includes the conversations that happen in the hallways and at meals, discussions that continue well beyond the closing keynote and the newly formed relationships with other like-minded people.


To get the most out of Cisco live, I think it is important to participate in the social networking. I have found that the best way to keep up with the peripheral activities is to use twitter. Twitter is very lightweight and is the social networking tool of choice for this type of technical conference. Many of my friends have actually created their first twitter account at Cisco Live or a similar event. The first question that often comes up is, “Who should I follow?”


Well the obvious answer to that question is that you should follow me (@PacketU) *wink*. In all seriousness, there are a lot of good technical resources that you can follow on twitter. For those who are getting started, I can provide a few suggestions that may help. These suggestions include subscribing to a list, searching for people with common interests and determining who they follow, looking for hashtags and using keyword searches to find appealing conversations.


In my opinion, one of the best places to find those active on the #clus (hashtag for Cisco Live US) scene is by subscribing to Tom Hollingsworth’s (@networkingnerd on twitter) Cisco Live 2013 Twitter List. I also recommend following some of the official twitter accounts. Two that come to mind are @CiscoLive and @LearningatCisco. I also usually set up a search in my twitter client for the hastag #clus. These actions, combined with some regular “Twitter breaks” will keep you aware of many of the curricular and extracurricular activities around Cisco Live.


My expectation is that there will be a “tweet-up” sometime Sunday afternoon or evening. This will be a gathering of some of those active on social media who are in attendance. I hope to have an opportunity to participate and make new friends. I really hope to run into some of the participants from the Cisco Learning Network. So if you happen to see me wandering (or wondering) around, make sure you take the time and opportunity to introduce yourself.


Are you going to CIsco Live? If so, feel free to share your twitter handle with the rest of the community by commenting below. See you all at Cisco Live!