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There are a few secrets to passing Cisco exams, and this video will walk you through what I consider to be the 5 basics elements, that when followed, will end in success for you in Cisco or any other technology.   Best wishes to you in a fantastic new year.   Sincerely,   Keith Barker   Read more

SNL, had a skit of the same title, and I often think of it when someone mentions Port Address Translation (PAT).    On a more serious note, Network Address Translation and Port Address Translation (NAT&PAT) are primarily responsible for IPv4 lasting as long as it has.    It is a critical application for our current networks.   Last week, a request was made for ... Read more


Methods of self study

Posted by Jared Dec 16, 2010

Of all of the methods of certification study, whether it be training in a class room with real gear, a virtual class room (one of my favorites) a pre-recorded class on CD or DVD or self study; self study in the certification world is a very popular study method and here on CLN. Why?  Because usually, it is the most affordable.  I have had the privilage of attending some live online ... Read more

Throughout my career, I have spent a considerable amount of time using and studying packet captures.  One of the more difficult things when analyzing traffic is simply wading through the unimportant stuff and looking for that which is more significant.  If you have not spent a good deal of time studying traffic, it may even take a few minutes to even find the conversation that you are ... Read more

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