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As we move into the future, we keep developing advanced technologies and tools to meet new demands and we engineers also need to adapt. Many technologies are being replaced by new ones, like MPLS replacing Frame-Relay, and VoIP taking over PSTN. But it's not just networking but technology in general. Witness the rise of the android and the fall of the giant Nokia.  We have to accommodate and ... Read more

by Darren R. Starr IntroductionAs many of you know, I’m not always all about technology. In fact, I have a lovely soap box which I like to stand upon and shout out to the world about the business side of networking. It is far too common that I encounter IT professionals who explain to me about how their boss won’t allow this type of purchase or another because the capital expenditure ... Read more

This document describes the differences between pointing a static default route to a next-hop IP address or an exit interface in a multi-access network. Packet Forwarding Overview   Transmitting a packet through a router involves three main steps:   1. Routing: Find the outgoing interface for the packet. 2. Switching: Move the packet between the interfaces. 3. Encapsulation: Rebuild ... Read more


The Lost Art of Documentation

Posted by Jared Dec 18, 2014

Picture this. A branch site decides that they want to manage their own IT resources, their own infrastructure, servers, and data and break off of the main network.   The IT consultant the branch office hired approaches and asks, “What kind of documentation do you have?” The response is either a blank look or a sheepish grin as the IT engineer points to his forehead and taps it ... Read more


An Honor It Has Been

Posted by tnewshott Dec 1, 2014

  Over the past four years I have been honored to be part of a group selected to represent one of the best and brightest Cisco communities in existence. It has been an exceptional experience working with so many talented individuals, and to work so closely with Learning@Cisco and their colleagues. This collaboration has helped to grow and drive the community beyond even my hopes! ... Read more

  Have you ever wondered how the VoIP call works in the network environment? Data engineers or beginners who have no experience with VoIP always encounter problems when they have to deal with VoIP. I always had wondered how a VoIP call works on our network because CCNA R&S content does not seem to provide much detail about this technology. I was clueless. As a network engineer, I felt I ... Read more

  Before we immerse ourselves into the details of the configurations of Private VLANs we should define the concept of what a VLAN is. A VLAN is virtual environment that groups devices into what is called a broadcast domain. Devices inside a VLAN can send traffic to each other without the need of using a router, this means that the switch forward the frames transparently inside the VLAN ... Read more

  In this blog post, I’m going to dissect three commands that you regularly see in the running-config and might wonder why they are there but never bothered to find out. Like me, perhaps you skipped them in ignorance, hitting the space key to move further down the configuration. Well, now I’m going to explain exactly what these commands do.     1. boot-start-marker and ... Read more

  About 10 years ago, we introduced our first 10 gig ethernet link.  It was a simple fiber jumper from one 6500 to another.  It was done wtih a 1 meter 62.5 OM1 fiber jumper and each swtich had a 10GBASE-SR fiber transceiver.  It seemed pretty straight forward.  Now we have several, spread out among 40 buildings and in different flavors.   There is a concept with ... Read more

The CCIE lab has always been a mythical creature, not much of it has been known to outsiders due to the relative few ever taking the lab. A CCIE gets a lot of respect by passing this mythical lab and rightfully so in most cases. That does not mean that we consider ourselves overlords, roaming the world of mere mortals. We are regular people that started out as beginners like everyone else. ... Read more

A few weeks ago I heard about an opportunity. This particular role was both interesting and a chance to work for a great technology company. Since it was something I wanted to pursue, my primary goal became demonstrating that I was the best candidate for the job. That first involved understanding the specifics of the job description. Then within the bounds of my experience, the next step was to ... Read more

Everyone who has been certifying for more than a couple years should be aware Cisco refreshes their exam tracks on a regular basis. This provides a great deal of value for those of us who are certified; it maintains relevance and continues to drive certification quality. The downside is that for anyone who is mid-track in their studies when the refresh goes into effect, they face unknown entities ... Read more

Background: When I came up with the title of this blog, my first thought was the Star Trek: Generations movie, when Captains Kirk and Picard enter a temporal nexus that could have been paradise.  Sorry, the Nexus I will be referring to is not paradise but sure was a neat learning opportunity.   For years, just short of a decade, my trusty Catalyst 6500 has served as the core switch for ... Read more

It's been 19 months since I really applied myself on the Cisco Learning Network. I actually joined Cisco Learning Network in February 2012 I was introduced to the site by a friend (Pravesh Paliwal), who is also a member of this family. He told me about the Cisco Learning Network and the wonders it could do in helping me with my learning.     When I first started my certification ... Read more

You may be asking yourself - or me - why should I make the effort learning how to script? In our industry it is nearly like a second job just keeping current with new hardware/software, features, new OSs, monitoring tools, etc. Add on that many are constantly learning new technologies from Security, Wireless, Data Center, etc. Why add to that list?!? The Simple Answer: because it will likely ... Read more

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