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The networking industry is currently going through major changes. We are moving–or at least trying to move–from managing devices one by one via CLI to networks where we automate, be it via scripts, automation products, or software-defined solutions. What does this mean for the “modern” network engineer? What are the most important skills to have? How am I supposed to keep ... Read more

Introduction  I remember when I first started working with IT and heard the term “virtual” for the first time. When I tried to understand what it was and how it worked, it was like magic. I couldn’t see it, yet something was working in the background like magic to do good or bad deeds without my knowledge! This was in the era where you physically had to put ... Read more

Change is a process of evolution. It’s an integral part of life, whether it’s personal or professional. As we progress through life, we have to adopt the changes to move forward. Few of these changes are favorable, and many are necessary and time-consuming. But the truth is, change will always be there, and it’s constant.   “Change is the only constant in this ... Read more


Heading to the 5th Generation

Posted by Juan Aug 24, 2018

This does not happen every day. We are living the design and implementation of a new technology that is called to revolutionize mobile communications as we know them until now.   The principle of industrial design that dictates that "design follows function" could be applied to the design of this new technology and the subsequent analysis of requirements, although contrary to what usually ... Read more

As we know, there is no preemption in IPsec site-to-site VPN on Cisco ASA to the primary peer. If you configure a crypto map with two peers, one as the primary, and another as the secondary, the ASA will try always to initiate the tunnel with the primary peer. If the primary peer fails and become unreachable, then the ASA will initiate the tunnel with the secondary peer. When the primary comes ... Read more

Personal Experience on CCNA Cyber Ops  My journey hasn’t been long in the info sec. community, but I guess this is a high time for me to open up and clear confusions that the newbies might have.   Every time I sit down and think of information security, this wonderful movie ‘The Matrix’ pops up in my mind. Information Security – it’s like you either take ... Read more

Chandan Singh Takuli

A Sip of SIP

Posted by Chandan Singh Takuli May 18, 2018

All existing collaboration engineers out there must have known/worked on the SIP protocol either directly or in-directly, and they understand the importance of SIP in current and next generation VoIP networks. Collaboration engineers need to understand it more than ever as SIP is becoming an integral part of the VoIP network as we are unfolding towards the future. As I discussed with my ... Read more

Introduction Traditionally, wired Ethernet networks have been open to everyone that had a cable attached to the segment. Once the cable is plugged in and the correct IP information is configured, either statically or dynamically via DHCP, the device is granted access to the network. Back when Ethernet was originally created, nobody gave it much thought as to how to ensure that the connected ... Read more

Introduction to Segment Routing Segment Routing is one of the new kids on the block in the routing area, and perfectly fits both the paradigm of autonomous networking, and the SDN approach with centralized and application-driven path control. In this document, I would like to share an introduction to Segment Routing, its roots, and its applications. Segment Routing heavily reuses concepts ... Read more


QoS Mechanics

Posted by Sergey Feb 23, 2018

The topic of Quality of Service is absolutely huge. It is an entire universe in itself. I personally don't think I know QoS good enough. That's why it is a good idea to write about it!   First thing that hits you on the head when you start learning QoS concepts is the plethora of seemingly identical terms, each of which however presents a slightly different entity. Let's start with trying ... Read more


On the Shoulders of Giants

Posted by arteq Jan 26, 2018

This is a retrospective of those historically responsible for digital communication. These are the giants of our industry, the pioneers, the men, women, and corporations who created fire; our super novas. The systems they created are called networks. We call these legends, "Networkers."   Based on development by Jack Harrington and team at the Air Force Cambridge Research Center (AFCRC) in ... Read more

Introduction  All of the advanced features of BGP begin with establishing a BGP session between two BGP speakers. BGP in turn rides on TCP. As such, it is important to recognize and understand the symbiotic relationship between TCP and BGP and the intricate details of BGP session establishment as it relates to BGP’s use of TCP as a transport protocol. This blog aims to provide ... Read more

Introduction When boiled down to its basic parts, OSPF’s LSDB is much more simple than it appears. In reality, the LSDB is merely a listing of nodes and a description of the relationship between those nodes described using LSAs. Type-1 Router LSAs describe the router nodes in the network and their relationship to other nodes. Type-2 Network LSAs describe segments on the network where ... Read more

In June this year, Cisco launched their Software Defined Access (SDA), which is a solution in the intent-based networking space. There are also other players in this space, such as Apstra. What is intent-based networking, though?   Traditionally we have built networks with a imperative approach, meaning that we must precisely specify all of the components to end up with our desired state. ... Read more


BGP path selection

Posted by Sergey Sep 8, 2017

BGP is without question my favorite protocol! It is so powerful and flexible. It is unique, because it is the protocol that connects the biggest network on this planet so far: the Internet. And one of the most important topics in BGP is its path selection algorithm. For consistency, I'll use the term "prefix" to denote a route in BGP and the term "path" to denote a specific way this prefix can be ... Read more

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