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A common challenge that comes with the design role is making everyone involved fully understand the implications of the different decisions that need to be made. Any business decision maker you communicate with will need to use business terms to justify an investment decision. It only makes sense that you do the same when speaking to them. You need to be clear with the challenges and requirements ... Read more

One of the most popular reasons why customers choose IWAN for their networks is the ability to intelligently use all available WAN paths. The simplest and most common way of splitting the load over the different outbound paths in PfRv3 is configuring different combinations of preferred and fallback paths for each explicitly specified class of traffic.   PfRv3 can have preferred, fallback ... Read more

In this article, I am going to describe a very important aspect of IWAN that network designers should be very careful about, the PfRv3 auto-discovery of the local prefixes at the branches. An incorrect decision may lead to eventual outage of the whole network.   PfRv3 HUBs and Transit sites have to be manually set with the prefix-list containing the networks hosted at the site, however for ... Read more

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