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In this CCDE challenge scenario there are four sets of requirements, and you should recommend and justify the “best” network design solution based on each requirement set. The main goal of this challenge is to demonstrate that there isn’t an absolute, perfect network design solution for all situations, but rather when selecting the most appropriate solution your decision should ... Read more

Elaine Lopes

CCDE: Come Together

Posted by Elaine Lopes Sep 16, 2016

The intersection of the design use cases and the design lifecycle on CCDE  This article builds upon 2 series of articles I’ve previously written, the first series covering the Design Lifecycle (Book of Questions, Now What? and Rock & Roll-out), and the second series covering the Design Use Cases (Parts 1, 2 and 3). Each series separately covered two of the three dimensions of the ... Read more

Retrospective of the Unleashing CCDE First Anniversary  Time flies, I can hardly believe I started the Unleashing CCDE blog one year ago! I had a clear goal in mind: to help CCDE candidates prepare for the CCDE practical exam. Not an easy task, but I never meant to take you on this journey single-handedly. Over the past year, I’ve been able to provide you with knowledge from my own ... Read more

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