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Program Overview and Development Approach  In this blog I provide an introduction to Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs) and the development approach used to create them.   The main goal of the CVD program is to provide networking professionals with a framework for up-to-date network design and implementation guidance across a broad set of solutions.  Navigating diverse technologies ... Read more

How the mechanics of the different question types work  This blog is in response to a reader (and potentially many others) who wants to know more about the types of questions they will encounter on the CCDE practical exam and mainly to demystify them by touching upon what their purpose is and how they are scored.   The CCDE practical exam is made up by four unique scenarios. Each ... Read more

…Without The Smoke  Welcome back! My last blog “All Smoke and Mirrors Part 1” I left you with several solutions to choose from to propose to ACME's CTO. Read on to learn about the solution I would choose.   You decide to suggest that ACME should use solution c, Design #1 and introduce DWDM to maintain an optimal level of redundancy and reduce CAPEX by requiring less ... Read more

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