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Design Considerations: Security and Manageability  In the first three blogs of the series “Pillars of the Earth”, I covered cost, scalability, and speed and availability. In this final blog of the series I’m covering two design considerations, security and manageability.   It’s a matter of when, not if, the network will be attacked, and whether both the ... Read more

  A Campus LAN Design – Part 2  On the previous blog, “Second Design Challenge with Virgilio Spaziani” I proposed a network design challenge, and I hope you had fun with it. Now it’s time for its solution walk-through using the methodology described on the “Now What?” blog.       List all of the explicit and implicit business and ... Read more

  A Campus LAN Design – Part 1  In this blog I want to propose a new network design challenge, this time about a campus LAN design. This challenge could be similar to the concept of a branching question on the CCDE practical exam, where Step 2 will only receive points if Step 1 is chosen correctly. Furthermore, Step 2 mimics what one kind of simulation would look like. It all ... Read more

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