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Design Considerations: Speed and Availability  In the first two blogs of the series “Pillars of the Earth”, I covered cost and scalability. In this blog I’m covering two design considerations: speed and availability. How fast is fast enough for the network to do its job of enabling applications to run smoothly?   Speed You’ll have to consider the applications ... Read more

  Network Design Methodology in Action: Challenge Resolution  In my first blog of this series, “A Design Challenge”, I proposed a network design challenge with the goal of applying the methodology described in the “Now What?” blog. Let’s analyze the challenge and find the design option that best fits according to that methodology.     List all ... Read more

Network Design Methodology In Action: Challenge  In this blog, I am doing a methodology walk-through based on requirements and constraints to select and justify the correct design option for the fictitious company called Vision. The ultimate objective of this methodology is to be in the mindset of a network designer by going through the elicited business and technical requirements and ... Read more

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