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Data breaches could be costing the healthcare industry $6.2 billion per year, and nearly 90 percent of the healthcare organizations covered in a May 2016 study by Ponemon Institute had endured a data breach during the previous two years. Forty-five percent had more than five data breaches in that period with the average cost of a cyberattack totaling $2.2 million. The data contained in electronic ... Read more

It's the 10th anniversary of Cisco's annual report on security and cybersecurity, and for this one, Cisco went out and surveyed 2900 of its customers. In addition, Cisco gathered the threat data that it has from the 5000 employees who work on security products at the company and fed that into the report. As always, there is ample food for thought in the report! Cisco continues to focus on the ... Read more

To borrow from the Nobel Prize-winning songwriter, the (security) times, they are a-changin’. When the commercial Internet was young—say in 1995—IT structure was relatively simple. It consisted of just three layers: server, network, and client. Each had its own security component. Ah, the good old days. Growing complexity is one of IT’s biggest security challenges today. ... Read more

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