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The next digitalization phase is about linking people, processes, data, and things—all without wires. Organizations are moving to wireless offices. There is also big growth in mobile application development, which requires testing mobile apps in a wireless environment. As wireless connections become the norm, so does the need for network advances. One example is virtual segmentation to ... Read more

Customer experience, faster innovation, and workforce experience, along with digitization, are determining an organization's future success. Submission By: Tejas Vashi   Three trends have combined to determine an organization’s success in this time of global digitization. The first trend is the customer experience. It’s more critical than ever. Accenture recently polled 13,000 ... Read more

(Note: This is the second installment of a two-part blog that looks at specific certifications that qualify IT professionals to operate and manage today’s next-generation data center. The first part of the blog series may be read here.) It’s not easy to master the wide range of skills that IT professionals need for the ASAP data center. These skills involve the implementation, ... Read more

(Note: This is the first of a two-part series that explores the changes in the digital era data center and the training needed to learn new skills to operate and manage it.) No longer an invisible function, the next-generation data center has evolved into the foundation for business transformation. Data centers that analyze, simplify, automate, and protect data are the wave of the future. This ... Read more

Picture this. You’re in line at your favorite coffee shop, scrolling through your smartphone. Your coffee shop loyalty app uses the location services enabled to sense that you’re onsite at one of its stores. Suddenly a coupon appears on your screen, just in time to redeem at the register. Thanks to real-time analytics on the network’s edge, you’ve just scored a free ... Read more

Submission By: Tejas Vashi   A meteor slammed into earth hundreds of millions of years ago. The impact wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving only nimbler creatures behind. These adapted to their new environment. Today's digital transformation of business and government will have the same effect. It will make short work of any organization that does not evolve rapidly. CEOs must quickly define ... Read more

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