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We are hearing a lot about digitization, digitalization, the digital workforce, digital disruption, and digital business transformation these days. These terms are not just coming from Cisco; they’re coming from everywhere. While we find the words “digital business transformation” on our lips more and more, the term has probably crept up on a lot of us without our really knowing ... Read more

Not that you need further convincing about the urgency surrounding cybersecurity in our increasingly interconnected world, or about the burning need for your cybersecurity skills … … but the wealth of evidence in the most recent quarterly (Q4 2015) Cybersecurity Market Report from Cybersecurity Ventures should leave you with no doubt. The research and market intelligence firm, which ... Read more

Last month, I shared with you a forecast from TEKsystems about some of the biggest concerns for IT organizations in 2016: security, data, and cloud being high on the list. The IT recruitment firm is keeping us informed once again about the state of the IT realm, this time by surveying 200 IT executives intensively about the Internet of Things (IoT). The survey respondents were all IT or business ... Read more

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