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This blog explored many meaningful topics this year, including cloud, digital transformation, the Internet of Things, big data, network programmability, and changes to CCNA Routing and Switching, but no topic in 2016 occupied more of our attention blog for blog than did cybersecurity. Close to two dozen times, we focused on security or cybersecurity, with the highlight of the year being the ... Read more

As 2016 draws to a close, are you still trying to wrap your head around this concept called digital transformation? By now, you understand that more and more of the people, data, processes, and things of this world are digitally connected via the Internet of Things and that organizations of all types need to address this sped-up pace of digital change or risk being left behind. But how can an ... Read more

Submission By: Tejas Vashi   Organizations that want to survive are going digital. Digitization is enabling organizations to be faster, more agile, and more flexible in developing new business models and new ways to get things done. The impact of digitization on enterprise IT is huge. Digitization brings about explosive data growth, known as big data. It replaces older systems with new ... Read more

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