Many of us get tempted to lie about our age or keep it concealed for vanity reasons, but not Learning@Cisco! In the face of some rumors that our hefty CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 update got delivered by the stork only last month in October, we’d like to emphasize that our healthy baby is actually going to be six months old later this month—and is already quite the golden child.

It’s a good opportunity to reinforce how much of a game changer CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 was meant to be when Cisco launched it on May 17, 2016. The upgrade addressed network automation and the rise of the programmable, software-driven network. It made virtualization and cloud a necessary part of the conversation for CCNA Routing and Switching certification holders. It incorporated a greater emphasis on IPv6, added a focus on QoS, and beefed up VPN coverage. To refresh your memory on the revamping of the cert, visit the blog post we made on the announcement date: "CCNA Routing and Switching Gets an Update: What's It All About?" Also on that day, we provided you with an express overview of how the CCNA Routing and Switching exams were changing.

 CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 Is Six Months Old. Let's Recap This Milestone!After the announcement, Cisco Press empowered our self-study candidates regarding the v3.0 upgrade by releasing three Official Cert Guides by Wendell Odom:


More recently, these video courses by expert instructor Kevin Wallace have been made available by Cisco Press:


Here on the Cisco Learning Network, there’s been an abundance of opportunities to get up to speed on CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 and engage in some self-study:


Reports of our birth just happening in October missed the fact that version 3.0 has been alive for six months already! CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 has grown fast and is ready for you to take the journey.


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