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So, by now, you’ve probably got a handle on cloud computing, and cloud’s benefits of being able to access and run applications and programs through the Internet: higher compute power, increased operational agility and scalability, improved manageability, and less time and money spent on IT infrastructure. But what about “fog computing”? It’s actually a term often ... Read more

Data scientists are the rock stars for several Internet of Things (IoT) applications. They get most of the attention and acclaim. They extract critical intelligence from big data so businesses can make informed decisions on the spot. But they don’t do their work in a vacuum. Data scientists can’t rock the IoT arena without roadies, otherwise known as data engineers. These unheralded ... Read more

Data prediction is the fourth critical first step in finding the business opportunities in big data. It’s the step that can explain why those quarterly sales are going up and down. It can also help predict whether those fluctuations will continue. In short, prediction is where the rubber meets the road. Data prediction takes information revealed in data and uses it to forecast events or ... Read more

In the two previous installments of this four-part blog series on big data and analytics, we have talked about data virtualization and data preparation. You have located all of your data through data virtualization. You undertook thorough data preparation in order to make it as clean as possible. In these posts, we discussed how these are the first crucial steps toward making the data from the ... Read more

We talked yesterday, in Part 1 of our four-part blog series on big data and analytics, about data virtualization and how it helps bring big data together from many sources. Now, let’s talk about preparing that raw data for analysis. We call this process data preparation. Clean Data Is VitalData preparation can be sheer drudgery. And it accounts for 80 percent of the time that data ... Read more

Organizations of all kinds are pursuing big data for one big reason: If they can extract the right data at the right time, they can use it for insights that open new ways to make money or ways to save money, like reducing their operating costs. But organizations can’t just dive into the data. Data is everywhere today, just not in a format suitable for analytics tools. Big data in the wild ... Read more

Many of us get tempted to lie about our age or keep it concealed for vanity reasons, but not Learning@Cisco! In the face of some rumors that our hefty CCNA Routing and Switching v3.0 update got delivered by the stork only last month in October, we’d like to emphasize that our healthy baby is actually going to be six months old later this month—and is already quite the golden child. ... Read more

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