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We live in a world where more and more people are moving to cities to live and to work. It’s an urbanization process that’s putting growing pressure on cities to be able to scale. More people in cities means more stress on the urban infrastructure, traffic congestion woes, higher crime levels, and challenges in getting access to healthcare, education, and other basic services. The ... Read more

Cisco’s latest Annual Security Report is out, and it shows that while organizations are becoming more adept at responding to security attacks, adversaries are also refining their techniques. There is no way around the fact that security must be an integral part of every business strategy. This year’s security report has a great deal of new information in it since last year’s ... Read more

I recently was involved in a focus group comprised of 20 senior IT managers. All worked for large and leading companies in their industry. (You’d recognize the names.) All had 10 to 20 years of experience. All were long-time certification holders—from Cisco and a wealth of other training providers. And all were responsible for directing the development and hiring of technology workers ... Read more

Happy 2016! I ended the past year with a forecast about some of the job areas that are expected to be hot in 2016 and beyond. To begin this new year of serving you with technology news impacting the IT industry, I’d like to continue with the predictions, but go a bit broader in scope by looking at TEKsystems’ 2016 Annual IT Forecast. TEKsystems, a provider of IT staffing, talent ... Read more

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