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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), and we’re excited to bring you a #CiscoChat on the importance of cybersecurity and creating an educated workforce to bridge the current cybersecurity skills gap.   Today’s business world is fueled by technology. The financial, structural and other benefits of going digital are immense. At the same time, as companies ... Read more

The “Talking Tech with Cisco” blog is a year old this week. Happy birthday to us! Thanks very much to all of you in the Cisco Learning Network community for your enthusiastic readership and blog commentary so far. Since I can’t crack open a bottle of champagne with you all, I’ll celebrate in another way—by giving you something to be happy about, and that’s IT ... Read more

Submission By: Tom Gilheany Historically, perimeter defense was the gold standard in data security. Guard the perimeter, and you’ve secured the system. However, in today’s landscape, the proverbial “building the castle” is not enough. Cybercriminals are no longer just clawing at the front door—they’re also chipping away at bricks, digging tunnels under ... Read more

As we head into Labor Day in the United States, we’d like to ask, do you have a workplace worthy of celebration? More specifically, do you have a digital workplace worthy of celebration? Learning@Cisco has been busy this year exploring what it means to be a successful digital workplace. Being in times of intense digital opportunity as we all are, Learning@Cisco hosted the Digital Workplace ... Read more

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